Tendering Authority: INDIAN NAVY

India, Goa, Goa



Last Date For Submission

22 Apr, 2021

Closing Date

22 Apr, 2021


procurement of 66 by type items for kv28 aircraft - spta for hand fire extinguisher, cap, plug, circuit breaker, ring for oil filter, washer, bonding strip, "soud" system power supply extention cab, sansor with cable, plier, capacitor, diaphragm, brush, lock washer, bonding jumper, circuit breaker, nut, safety belt for work on mast assembly, relay, ring sealing, ring crush washer, cotter/split pin, packing ring, cotter/split pin, elbow, bonding strip, hose, nut, clamp, lamp, nut, appliance for charg air bottle ballonet, hose, bolt, washer, cotter/split pin, screw, sealing ring, sealing ring, bolt, appliance for pumping through brea, retainer, ring sealing, washer, lamp (filament lamp), bolt, fuse, moisture trap pipe line, plug connector, bolt, nrv, gasket, coupling, revit, sealing ring, screw, cap, hose, cotter/split pin, washer, plug connector, cover, nut, rudder hinge fitting bolt, breaket ( right ),

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