Pro.no 233/23- Maintenance And Wiring Of Pambanar Shopping Complex In Ward Xi Of Peermade Grama Panchayat


India, Kerala, Peermedu



Last Date For Submission

02 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

02 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 7 | Total Qty : 344.024
# Item Quantity Units
1 Maintenance
2 10.6.1:Supplying and fixing rolling shutters of approved make, made of required size M.S. laths, interlocked together through their entire length and jointed together at the end by end locks, mounted on specially designed pipe shaft with brackets, side guides and arrangements for inside and outside locking with push and pull operation complete, including the cost of providing and fixing necessary 27.5 cm long wire springs manufactured from high tensile steel wire of adequate strength conforming to IS: 4454 - part 1 and M.S. top cover of required thickness for rolling shutters.80x1.25 mm M.S. laths with 1.25 mm thick top cover 21.0000 sqm
3 14.1.1:Repairs to plaster of thickness 12 mm to 20 mm in patches of area 2.5 sq meters and under, including cutting the patch in proper shape, raking out joints and preparing and plastering the surface of the walls complete, including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground within 50 meters lead:With cement mortar 1:4 ( 1 cement : fine sand) 22.5000 sqm
4 4.1.3:Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to plinth level:1:2:4 (cement : 2 coarse sand (zone-III) : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) 2.1540 cum
5 13.7.1:12 mm cement plaster finished with a floating coat of neat cement of mix:1:3 ( 1 cement : 3 fine sand) 37.8400 sqm
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