Post Five Years Periodic Maintenance Works Along The Road From T02 - Pedong To Pitamchen Via Lingsey, Length 7.208 Km, Package No. Wb07adb20, Within Kalimpong Ii Block Under Kalimpong Division


India, West Bengal, Kalimpong



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 34 | Total Qty : 97982.148
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2 Providing and fixing typical "Maintenance Information Board" with Logo of PMGSY as per NRRDA Specifications and drawing having one nos MS sheet of 1.6 mm thick 900mm x 1500mm size duly welded with 4 Nos. vertical and 8 Nos. horizontal M.S. flat 50 mm x 6mm size on back. The ends of the M.S. flats to be welded with 2 x 2450 mm x 1150mm frame of M.S square 75mm x 75mm of 12 SWG sheet, two legs of M.S. square posts to be embedded in cement concrete M-15 grade of 600 mm x 600 mm size and 750 mm below the ground level and keeping 50 mm height above the ground level, two coats of Epoxy painting on MS square, flats and backside of the M.S. sheets with a coat of primer and two coats of ready mixed approved brand synthetic oil bound paint over a coat of Epoxy coated priming on rearside of the M.S plates with Bands and lettering of different approved shades as directed as shown in the approved design with oil bound ready mixed synthetic paint and providing 70 mm x 70 mm size PMGSY Logo 2 nos. 1.000 Each
3 Restoration of rain cuts with soil, moorum, gravel or a mixture of these, clearing the loose soil, benching for 300mm width laying fresh material in layers not exceeding 250 mm and compaction with plate compactor or power rammer to restore the original alignment, level and slopes of embankment as per drawings and technical specifications Clause 1902 of Specification for Rural Roads. 481.808 cum
4 Maintenance of Earthen Shoulders (Filling with selected soil): Making up loss of material/irregularities on shoulders to the design level by adding fresh approved selected soil and compacting it with appropriate equipment at required OMC upto a lead of 1000.0 m as per technical specification Clause 1903 of Specification for Rural Roads. 3212.060 sqm
5 Maintenance of Earthen Shoulders (Stripping off excess soil): Stirpping excess soil from the shoulder surface to achieve the approved level and compacting with plate compactor at required OMC as per drawing and technical specification Clause 1903 of Specification for Rural Roads. 3212.060 sqm
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