Painting, Cleaning Of Oh Tanks/ug Sumps And Miscellaneous E/m Works At Af Stn Gwalior

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior



Last Date For Submission

04 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

04 Feb, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 36 | Total Qty : 47614
# Item Quantity Units
1 M &L for Cleaning of over head tank with including process in following operation complete such as dewatering of existing water tank, cleaning the inside surfaces of tank by scrapping down walls & bottom surface using steel wire brushes to remove all fungus ithe micro organisms etc using light hammer & wire brushes, taking out and removing sediments loose dirt/mud sludge vegetation and other foreign material completely from tank, disposal of all waste/spoil to out of MD land at a place as specified by local bodies and washing repeatedly inside surfaces of tank with water and washing with antibacterial solution and clean water thoroughly following hygienic condition &complete all as directed with respect, as per reputed process of following sizes- (Location: sarvatra,chetak complex area,Akash Ganga (CPL),vazra ,neelganga,,prabhudham,gomti,chamabal,residency,100 ncs ,pinto -ii ,map)
2 (a) 100000 Glns cap at 18.0 Mtr staging. 2.00 Each Job
3 (b) 100000 Glns cap at 21.0 Mtr staging. 1.00 Each Job
4 (c) 50000 Glns cap. at 16 .0 Mtr staging 2.00 Each Job
5 (d) 50000 Glns cap at 18.0 Mtr staging 4.00 Each Job
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