Operation Controlling Of Cross Regulators Ead Regulators And Regulation Patroling Of Gudamalani Lift Minor System Km 000 To Tail For The Year 202223


India, Rajasthan, Gudamalani



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07 Oct, 2022

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07 Oct, 2022

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1 Operation & Controlling including watch & ward of head/Cross regulator gates for feeder/ Main Canal/ Distibutor appointing one operator cum guage reader per day for 24 Hrs. (i) where ever there is head cum cross regulator, no separate staff would be taken. (ii) If two heads/ cross regulator are within 1 Km reach separate staff would be taken. Period 01.11. 2022 to 31.03.2023 1963.00 Each
2 Regulation & patrolling of Feeder/ Main / Branch/ Distributory and Minor canals of canal irrigation projects with their own conveyanc system (Two Wheeler with POL) and mobile (with recharge pack) for communicating with site incharge or control room including Jute rassi, Torch, Fawda etc. all T&P required for regulation. a Canal Having Discharge capacity up to 100 cusec Period 01.11. 2022 to 28.02.2023 301.00 Per 16 km / day
3 Preparation and dressing the sub grade including removal of irregularities up to 7.5 cm in soil, morrum mixed with pebbles, small boulders and and kankar & murrum for (a) Bed 30.50 Sqm
4 (b) Side slopes 146.00 Sqm
5 Cement concrete lining of nominal mix (1:3:6) with upto 20 mm size well graded crusher broken stone aggregate laid as per specifications including all leads of all construction materials including rendering, compaction and curing etc. complete for canal bed of thickness.(b) 7.50 cm 30.50 Sqm
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