New Pipeline Water Supply Scheme For Ghogare, Tal. Khed Dist. Ratnagiri

Tendering Authority: PANCHAYAT SAMITI

India, Maharashtra, Ratnagiri



Last Date For Submission

25 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

25 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 348 | Total Qty : 124456.52999999997
# Item Quantity Units
1 Scheme A - Jakan Wadi 1.00 No
2 Sub Estimate No.1 - Switch House 1.00 No
3 Item No.1 :- Excavation for foundation pipe trenches in earth soils of all types sand gravel and Hard murum , including removing the excavated material up to a distance of 50M and lifts upto 1.50M stacking ,spreading as directed dewatering excluding backfilling complete. 1.44 Cum
4 Item No.2 :- Excavation for foundation/ Pipe trench in hard rock by controlled blasting including lift upto 1.50M including trimming and levelling the bed, removing the excavated material up to a distance of 50m. & lifts as below stackingas directed by Engineer-in-charge, normal dewatering & excluding back filling etc. complete. 0.84 Cum
5 Item No.3 :- Providing & laying in situ following grade c.c.of trap/ granite /quartzite/ gneiss matel for foundation & bedding including dewatering form work compaction finishing & curring etc.complete.M 150 1.23 Cum
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