name of work : 2021-22 material supply for various mgnregs works in elappully gp - quarry waste, stone aggregate(single size) 40 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size) 20 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size) 10 mm nominal size, coarse sand(zone iii), portland cement, hire charges of concrete mixer 0.25 to 0.40 cum with hopper, vibrator(needle type 40mm), foundations, footings, bases of columns, etc for mass concrete, gi trafford profile sheet 0.35mm thick, bitumen washer, g.i limpet washer, galvanised steel j or l hooks 8 mm dia, solid blocks of size 40x20x10cm, second class kail wood in scantling, red oxide zinc chromate primer, adjustable telescopic prop 3 m (2.02-3.75m), fine sand (zone iv), g.i. plain washer thick, second class kali wood in planks , safeda ballies 125 mm diameter, twisted steel / deformed bars, pvc pipe 63 mm outer dia . 6kgf/cm2, pvc pipe 40mm outer dia 6 kgf /cm2, stone for masonsry work, solid blocks of size 30*20*20 cm, water thinnable cement primer for interior wall surface, having voc content less than 50 gms/litre, water proofing cement paint, solid blocks of size 30*20*15 cm, mild steel tubes hot finished welded type, corner angle 45x45x5 mm 1.50 m long, welding by electric plant, galvanised steel bolts & nuts 6mm dia and 25mm long round head with slots, through and bond stone size 24*24*39 cm, adjustable span eso+si(2.35-3.40), beam clamp 300-380mm (450-1070mm), ceramic glazed tiles 1st quality 300*300 mm in all shades designs except white, ivory, fume red brown etc, mild steel sheets for tanks , structural steel such as tees, angles, channels and r.s joists, iron pintels including weldded pin, mild steel sheets with bolts and nuts to rest on pintels, mild steel hooks , float glass sheet of nominal thickness 4mm (weight not less than 10 kg/sqm), deharadun white lime, acrylic exterior paint, exterior primer , vitreous china flat back wash basn 630*450mm, 15mm c.p bras tap, c.p brass waste 32mm, c.i bracket for wash basin and sinks, pvc pipe 15mm outer dia12 kgf /cm2, wall form panel 1250*500mm , 100 mm channel shoulder 2.5 m long , double clip (bridge clip), single clip , m.s tube 40mm dia, polyrethene bags, galvanised wire mesh of average width of aperture 1.4 and nominal dia of wire 0.63mm, precoated aluminiumtrafford sheet .450 mm thick, wire nails, epoxy paint, hydraulic excavator (3d) with driver and fuel, hire and running charges of loader, solid blocks of size 40x20x10cm, g.i pipes 50 mm dia, g.i. pipes 40 mm dia, g.i. plain washer thick, polyethylene water storage tank with cover and suitable locking arrangemnet, pvc pipe 25 mm outer dia. 10kgf cm2, pvc pipe 63 mm outer dia. 4 kgf/cm2, pvc pipe 110 mm outer dia 6kgf/cm2, anjili wood scantls, pvc pipe 50 mm outer dia.6kgf/cm2

Tendering Authority: Directorate of Panchayat

India, Kerala, Palakkad



Last Date For Submission

03 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

03 Aug, 2021

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