Maintenance Of Road Of Nh-216 From Km. 3.800 To 84.800 (raigarh To Saraipali Section) Under Cost And Risk

Tendering Authority: Ministry of Road Trasnsport and Highways

India, Chhattisgarh, Saraipali



Last Date For Submission

22 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

22 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 30 | Total Qty : 148752.60299999997
# Item Quantity Units
1 Excavation in Soil using Hydraulic Excavator and Tippers with disposal upto 1000 metres. (Excavation for roadwork in soil with hydraulic excavator including cutting and loading in tippers, trimming bottom and side slopes, in accordance with requirements of lines, grades and cross sections, and transporting to the embankment location within all lifts and lead upto 1000m as per relevant clauses of section 300) 2383.50 Cum
2 Scarifying Existing Road Surface to a Depth of 50 mm (II) Scarifying existing bituminous surface to a depth of 50 mm by mechanical means ( using Hydraulic excavator) (Scarifying the existing bituminous road surface to a depth of 50 mm and disposal of scarified material with in all lifts and lead upto 1000 metres as per clause 305.4.3) 950.00 Sqm.
3 Construction of Embankment with Material Deposited from Roadway Cutting (Construction of embankment with approved materials having effective CBR > 5 ( unless specified otherwise in contract ) deposited at site from roadway cutting and excavation from drain and foundation of other structures graded and compacted to meet requirement of table 300-2) as per clause 305. 2268.00 Cum
4 Construction of Sub-grade with Material Obtained from Borrow Pits (Construction of sub-grade with approved material / selected soil having effective CBR > 8 ( unless specified otherwise in contract) obtained from borrow pits with all lifts & leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacted to meet requirement of table No. 300-2) as per clause 305. 2412.00 Cum
5 Granular Sub-base with Close Graded Material (Table:- 400-1) A) Plant Mix Method with Mechanically crushed stone only(Construction of granular sub-base by providing close graded Material, mixing in a mechanical mix plant at OMC, carriage of mixed Material to work site, spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface and compacting with vibratory power roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per clause 401 ) (V) for grading-V Material 5328.50 Cum
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