Maintenance Of Prepaid Meters Auto Meter Reading System Flow Meters And Allied Works At Ins Valsura Jamnagar

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Gujarat, Jamnagar



Last Date For Submission

22 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

22 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 19 | Total Qty : 395
# Item Quantity Units
1 Servicing, repair, maintenance and attending complaint/ faults to the Automatic Meter reading system and pre-payment electronic energy meter system excluding spares but including hardware maintenance and generating/ printing of bills & updating of quarter holders data such as Qtr No., Name, Rank, Service No., Category and carrying out complete repairing, servicing, programming and maintenance as required to the panel consisting of master viz. PIC Microcontroller based single/ multiple meter monitoring module and its programming, replacement of unserviceable parts, refixing of old serviceable parts and new parts all as directed. Notes: (i) New spare parts will be measured and paid separetely. (ii) Unit rate quoted of checking of system on daily basis under relevant items herein after is in inclusive of and necessary servicing, repair and the register shall be maintained to that effect. (iii) Attendant will report on daily basis and record the requisite parameters including attend the complaints. (iv) In addtion to above specific emergency complaints from time to time shall be attended after receiving the same. (v) The scope of work includes the charges required for removing, repairing, refixing, carrying out electrical termination and fixing/ installing, testing, commissioning etc. establishing PIC Microcontroller based single /multiple meter monitoring module and its programming and all as directed. (vi) Any additional spares other than mentioned in schedule, reqd for upgradation of system, is the responsibilty of contractor. No extra cost will be made on this account. Rate should be inclusive of such spares, if reqd. 11.00 Per Month
2 Providing one year license charges for cloud based online Automatic Meter Reading and Billing Software suitable for 2000 meters, data storage charges for storing meter details, billing data 615 meter for a period of 11 months to cloud server and Programming for modem of Electro magnetic water flow meter including network setting and time setting for sending daily reports/ data for both water meters including the following features. (a) Remote Monitoring and Reporting, (b) Billing, (c) email and alerts utility, (d) Meter reading shall be updated every 10 minutes (user settable), (e) Time stamp of last reading received. (with offline meter notification center), (f) Automatic bills generation at the end of period of category based consumers as directed by Engineer-in-Charge, (g) User settable billing format as directed by Engineer-in-Charge, (h) Facilitty to change/ add meter calculations of billing amount of bill generation of users at every end of specific period of category, (j) Monthly bills to be mailed to user if email ID of user exists in server, (k) Admin access can view and edit details of consumers, (l) Admin access can view periodic bills of any category of consumers and print them on demand, (m) Admin access can set consumer exit date of living quarter for generating manual bill of specific time period of consumer, (n) Supports common meter of building and calculate the amount of common meter energy charges will be distributed to all active consumers of that building. 1.00 Each
3 Recharges of new SIM cards GPRS enabled and Electronic magnetic water flow meter recharge for 115 SIM Cards on monthly basis. 11.00 Each Month
4 S&F in repairs external antenna for GPRS modem gain 9db for transmitting and receiving data to and from server. Make: RDS, Hitch Nick Automation 22.00 Each
5 S&F in repairs Switched-mode power supply/ Voltage Converter for voltage supply to PIC circuit : 230V AC to 12V DC current.Make: RDS, Hitch Nick Automation 20.00 Each
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