Leak Proofing Lab And B Division Office, Ces, Chethackal Demolishing Brick Work/weather Protection, Manually / By Mechanical Means Including Stacking Of Serviceable Material And Disposal Of Unserviceable Material Within 50 Metres Lead As Per Direction Of Engineer-in-charge. In Cement Mortar Providing And Laying Cement Concrete In Retaining Walls, Return Walls, Walls ( Any Thickness) Including Attached Pilasters, Columns, Piers, Abutments, Pillars, Posts, Struts,buttresses, String Or Lacing Courses, Parapets, Coping, Bed Blocks, Anchor Blocks, Plain Window Sills, Fillets, Sunken Floor, Etc. Up To Floor Five Level, Excluding The Cost Of Centering, Shuttering And Finishing: 1:2:4 (1 Cement : 2 Coarse Sand : 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal Size) Centering And Shuttering Including Strutting, Propping Etc. And Removal Of Form Work For: Columns, Piers, Abutments, Pillars, Posts And Struts Steel Work For Purlin/single Section With G I Tubular Sections 2mm Thick Including Cutting, Hoisting, Fixing In Position And Including Welding /bolted With Special Shaped Washers Etc. Complete (tata) Structural Steel Work In Single Section, Fixed With Or Without Connecting Plate, Including Cutting, Hoisting, Fixing In Position All Complete. Finishing With Epoxy Paint (two Or More Coats) At All Locations Prepared And Applied As Per Manufacturer's Specifications Including Appropriate Epoxy Priming Coat, Preparation Of Surface, Etc. Complete. Providing And Fixing Pvc Pipes Including Fixing The Pipe With Clamps/ Clips/ At 1.00 M Spacing With All Fittings. This Includes Jointing Of Pipes With One Step Pvc Solvent Cement Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer-in-charge 110 Mm Dia 4 Kgf/cm2 - External Work- Exposed On Wall -supreme Supplying And Fixing Upvc Rectangular Gutter/rainwater System 160mm X 100mm X 100mm Size Including All Necessary Fittings/accessories Such As Runner Joint, Runner Drop, Elbow, Stop End, Drops Etc Complete And Fixing With Ss Screws To Pvc Clamp With Gi Handle Of Necessary Tail Length To Be Provided At Spacing Of Not More Than 1m Centre To Centre Welded To Existing Rafter/purlins( Additional Gi Flats To Be Used At No Extra Cost If Required)including Fixing Departmentally Supplied Down Water Pipes To The New Gutter With All Fittings Etc As Per Direction Of Engineer-in-charge Etc. Complete.(aquastar/euroguard) Providing Coloured Aluminium Trafford Sheet Roofing (0.46mm Thick) Up To Any Pitch And Fixing With Polymer Coated J,or L Hooks, Bolts And Nuts 8 Mm Dia. G.i Plain And Bitumen Washers Or With Self Drilling Fastener And Epdm Washers Etc. Complete (excluding The Cost Of Purlins, Rafters And Trusses), Including Cutting Sheets To Size And Shape Wherever Required With Necessary Overlap On Sides And 150 Mm At Ends(laid Area Of The Trafford Profiled Sheet Roofing Will Be Taken For Measurement). (hindalco Everlast/jindal) Supplying And Fixing 0.46 Mm Thick,60cm Wide Coloured Aluminium Ridge Including Necessary Over Lap At Ends (hindalco/jindal) Providing Valleys Of 90 Cm Wide Overall In Plain Coloured Aluminum Sheet 0.46mm Thick Fixed With Self Drilling Fasteners And Epdm Washers Complete (hindalco/jindal)

Tendering Authority: RUBBER BOARD

India, Kerala, Kottayam



Last Date For Submission

18 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

18 Oct, 2022

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