Tendering Authority: MUNICIPALITIES

India, Telangana, Nizamabad



Last Date For Submission

20 Jul, 2020

Closing Date

20 Jul, 2020


Laying Of Cc Roads From H.no:1-4-1275 To Daily Kirana Shop In W.no:20, From H.no:3-7-154 To H.no:3-7-194 In W.no:21, From H.no:2-4-391/1 To H.no:2-4-386, From H.no:2-4-386 To H.no:2-4-389/2, From H.no:2-4-402 To H.no:2-4-401 In W.no:24, From H.no:2-4-456 To Existing Road In W.no:25, From H.no:2-3-225 To H.no:2-3-226 , From H.no:2-3-225/2 To H.no:2-3-230/5 , From H.no:2-3-255/1 To H.no:2-3-130/3 , In Front Of H.no:2-3-230/31 , Rom H.no:2-3-52 To H.no:2-3-60 , From H.no:2-3-228 To H.no:2-3-316 , From H.no:2-3-228 To H.no:2-3-316 , In Front Of H.no:2-3-316 , From H.no:2-3-230/8 To H.no:2-3-230/12/1 , From H.no:2-3-230/16 To H.no:2-3-230/46, From H.no:2-3-230/30 To H.no:2-3-230/26 And From H.no:2-3-230/30 To Existing Cc Road At Galib Nagar In W.no:26 In Bodhan Municipality

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