Laying And Fitting Of Gi Mains Rising Main 100mm Dia Pump House Cum Operators Quarter Chowkidars Quarter Septic Tank Opertaors Quarter And Chowkidars Quarter Chain Link Fencing And Other Allied Works For Wss Gasi Gund Mustafabad Under Jjm


India, Jammu and Kashmir, Baramulla



Last Date For Submission

06 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

06 Feb, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 97 | Total Qty : 104836.12000000002
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation by manual means in trenches for foundations, drains, pipes, cables etc not exceeding 1.5mtr in width and for shafts wells, cesspits and the like not exceeding 10 Sqm on plan, depth upto 1.5mtr. All kinds of soil 5043.24 Cum
2 Earth work in excavation by manual means over areas (exceeding 30cm and up[to 1.5mtr in depth, 1.5mtr in width as well as 10 sqm on plan) including disposal of excavated earth upto 1mtr from cutting edge disposal earth to be leveled and neatly dressed . All kinds of soil 19.77 Cum
3 Providing and laying of dry Stone soling in horizontal on level. 59.67 Cum
4 Cement concrete flooring 1:2:4 (1cement: 2 coarse sand: 4 graded stone aggregate) finished with a floating coat of neat cement including cement slurry and curing complete, but excluding the cost of nosing of steps etc. complete. 50 mm thick with 20mm nominal size stone aggregate. 47.56 Sqm
5 Construction of granular sub-base by providing close graded Material conforming to specifications, mixing in a mechanical mix plant at OMC, carriage of mixed material by tippers to work site, for all leads & lifts, spreading in uniform layers of specified thickness with motor grader on prepared surface and compacting with vibratory power roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per specifications and directions of Engineer-in-Charge. With material conforming to Grade-I (size range 75 mm to 0.075 mm) having CBR Value-30 344.25 Cum
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