Kiifb-kiidc Project Construction Of Groin Fields In The Severely Eroded Coastal Belt Of Alappuzha District At Ottamassery Kattoor Pollethai Kakkazham (ambalappuzha) And Nellanickal (vattachal) Installation Of Weigh Bridge At Ottamssery And Nella


India, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram



Last Date For Submission

21 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

21 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 35 | Total Qty : 275
# Item Quantity Units
1 Weigh bridge and all accessories
2 od107436/2022_2023 : Prefab cabin with electrical fittings including or cabin size 8x8 Bottom<br>Frame 100 x 50mm square pipes of M.S, Stiffener Bottom 25x50 mm<br>square pipe, Top From made of 25x50mm square pipes Stiffener<br>Aluminum sections, Roof Outside 1 mm thick the panel. (100% water,<br>termite & dimensional proof will, vinyl Carpet), Aluminum powder<br>coated Sliding Windows with Double shutter of 1.2mm Thickness with<br>4mm thick glass & canopy on the top of window, Fixed Glass Windows<br>Brim thick glass which Is fixed to the window with Aluminum sections<br>& canopy of the top of windows, Door shall be of external opening type<br>made out of the same material as wall panels. Frame work by tubular<br>pipe of 25x25 mm door interior shall be finished with same material<br>matching with that of the Cabin interior. Door with Std Hardware locks<br>& handles, Insulation 25mm Glass wool density of 32 kg/m3 with<br>insulation for top 12mm form on side walls. All wiring shall concealed and<br>shall be insulated copper wires of Isi quality, suitable 40V light, Fan 1.5mm<br>thick cable, Socket AC2.5mm thick cable and insulator 0,.8T Split Air<br>Conditioner of approved make having warranty up to two years,including unloading and erection etc complete 2.0000 each
3 od107437/2022_2023 : Providing Weigh Bridge system using High Tensile steel with UNIQUE ORTHOTROPIC MODULAR DESIGN of total weight 6.25T (approx.) of approved model , capacity 80T, accuracy upto 10kg, pit-less type, having platform structure of size with 10mx3m, with 8 modules and each module shall be seal welded including top plate 12 mm thick,main beams ISMB 450 cross beam ISMB 250. Depth of each module shall be 258 mm and width shall be 1500 mm, structure fabricated using High tensile plates of grade IS: 2062:2006 E 410/BSK 46 steel having min yield strength of 410 Mpa. Load cells of Double Ended Shear Beam of Capacity 30 T each and Number of load cells 6nos having warranty upto two years or more as per the direction of Dept. officers at site including unloading and erection. 2.0000 each
4 od107438/2022_2023 : Supplying and Installing Computer with CPU i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1TB hard disk, 18.5' LED monitor, USB 101 keyboard USB mouse Operating System Windows 10 Make HP/Dell/Acer along with computer table, Printer Laser Jet A4 sized colour print, supporting OS with Windows 10Printer Make: HP/Canon/Epson,UPS: APC Make 1kV Single phase having 85% efficiency, maintenance<br>free tubular battery, min. 3 No. of Output plug points with a backup of 30 minutes or more having Warranty up to three years as directed by the Dept. officers in charge. 2.0000 each
5 od107439/2022_2023 : Supplying, installing a n d Configuration of integrated software and hardware<br>for monitoring o n the cloud and to manage remotely over the internet<br>with storage up to 20,000 records, Direct print without computer, LCD<br>Display Compatible to SAP and ERP, Master database and Warranty up to<br>Three Years. 2.0000 each
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