Job Order For Certain Repair To Vehicle Eicher Ba No 10d-184952h Under Ge Ludhiana

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Punjab, Ludhiana



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 1 | Total Qty : 1
# Item Quantity Units
1 Certain repair to veh Eicher BA No 10D- 184952H under GE Ludhiana :- 1 Labour charges for Oil servicing (engine oil, Gear Oil & Differencial Oil) of the vehicle complete with replacing the following -01 Job (a) Engine Oil-10 Ltrs (b) Oil filter -01 Each (c) Fuel filter -02 Each (d) Suspension bush kit complete- 01 Set (e) Gear Oil- 03 Ltrs 2. Labour charges for gear rod bush kit replacement - 01 Job (a) Gear rod with bush kit -01 set 3. Labour charges for gear box removing and clutch setting- 01 Job 4. Labour charges for 04 wheels servicing of the vehicle complete with replacing the following -01 Job (a) Wheel cylinder kit -01 Set of two (b) Brake Oil- 01 Ltrs (c) Rear wheel lining- 02 Nos (d) Rear wheel lining spring- 02 Nos (e) Grease castrol- 1.5 Kg (f) Brake shoe- 01 each 5. Labour charges for electrical check up complete and replacing the floowing spares - 01 Job (a) Back danger assembly lumex- 01 Set (b) Head light assembly- 01 Set (c) Self starter solenoid switch - 01 each (d) Alternator Carbon bush- 01 Each (e) Wiper motor- 01 Each. 6. Labour for taking out unserviceble master cylinder kit providing new as per existing make- 01 Job (a) Master cylinder kit- 01 Nos. 7. Replacement of door lock- 04 Nos. 8. Repair to suspension with replacement the following parts- 01 Job (a) Front bush kit-01 Nos (b) Shocker kit- 02 Nos. 1 Job
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