Infrastructural Development Of Gandacherra Sub-division, Dhalai District / 1000 Seated Capacity Auditorium/sh- Civil Works, Plumbing Works, Stage Works Including Stage Lighting, Internal Electrification, Sound System And Air Conditioning Works.supply

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Tripura, Dhalai



Last Date For Submission

25 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

25 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 2 | Total Qty : 850
# Item Quantity Units
2 1) SEAT / BACK: The seat sub-assembly is made up of 1.2 0.1 cm Thk Plywood, uphoistered with polyester fabric over moulded foam and covered with an injection-moulded polypropylene outer cover. The seat can be manually tipped-up when not in use. The back sub-assembly is made up of injection-moulded gas filled polypropylene inner uphoistered with polyester fabric over moulded foam and covered with injection-moulded polypropylene outer cover. Both these sub-assemblies are fixed to the tubular structure. BACK SIZE: 46.3 cm(W) x 59.0 cm (H), SEAT SIZE: 47.0 cm (W) x 49.5 cm (D). 2) TUBULAR FRAME STRUCTURE (I FRAME): The understructure is made of two straight I-leg of 3.81 0.03 cm x 0.2 0.016 cm THK M.S.E.R.W round tube and is fixed with the seat support assembly using M8x15 INT. SOC HD M/C Screw QTY-2 NOS on each side. The seat support assembly is made of a straight and bent tube of 2.22 0.03 cm x 0.25 0.016 THK M.S.E.R.W. round tube with 5mm thk mounts at both ends. The Seat assembly is pivoted on this assembly. The Back assembly is mounted on a 3.15mm thick Armrest bracket. The I Frame structure is grouted using 4 Anchor Bolts on a 5mm thick bottom plate which is welded to the upper frame structure. The Anchor Bolts are covered using 2 PP Foundation Bolt Cover which are fitted together on each leg. The frame is used for straight layout typically. 3) HIGH RESILIENCE (HR) POLYURETHANE FOAM: The HR polyurethane foam is moulded with density = 45 2 kg/m and hardness load for seat 16 2 kgf and hardness load for back 14 2 kgf as per IS:7888 for 25% compression. 4) ARMREST: The armrest is made of Injection-moulded PP compound. The armerest is mounted on a 3.15 thick HR sheet which is welded on the tubular frame. 5) POWDER COATING: Steel components are epoxy polyester powder coated (DFT 40-60 microns). 6) FLOORING PRE-REQUISITE: The auditorium chair is designed to get mounted/grouted on floors with flooring specification as mentioned in flooring pre-requisite Branded Brand. including carrying, fitting & fixing charge. 850.000 Nos
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