Improvement And Remodelling Of Clock Tower Lal Chowk Srinagar

Tendering Authority: Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar



Last Date For Submission

01 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

01 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 40 | Total Qty : 14648
# Item Quantity Units
1 Demolishing R.C.C. work manually/by mechanical means including stacking of steel bars and disposal of unserviceable material within 50 meters lead as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. 5.00 cum
2 Dismantling steel work manually/by mechanical means in built up sections without dismembering and stacking within 50 meters lead as per direction of Engineer-in-charge: 2500.00 kg
3 Removing of existing clock with complete system properly, and submitting it to the concern department. 4.00 each
4 Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (hydraulic excavator) in trenches for foundations, drains, pipes, cables etc. (not exceeding 1.5 m in width) and for shafts, wells, cesspits and the like not exceeding 10 sqm on plan, including dressing of sides and ramming of bottoms lift upto 1.5 m, including getting out excavated earth and disposal of surplus excavated earth as directed, within a lead of 50 metres: 1.00 cum
5 Filling available excavated earth (excluding rock) in trenches, plinth, sides of foundations etc. in layers not exceeding 20 cm in depth, consolidating each deposited layer by ramming and watering, lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m. 10.00 cum
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