I) Repair Of Set Of Items Of Siemens Make As Following: (1).control Card, Type-6sn1118-0dm23-0aa0, Rep No.d28122007 Special Repair No.sts42051549, Make: Siemens .qty.01 No. (2).control Card, Type-6sn1118-0dm23-0aa0, Rep No.d28122008 Special Repair No.stp22013632, Make: Siemens .qty.01 No. Ii) (1)smart Line Module 55 Kw Part No.6sl3130-6te25-5aa3 Rep 11012123 Make: Siemens. (2) Active Line Module, 16kw Part No.6sl3130-7te21-6aa4 Rep 11012124 Make: Siemens.

Tendering Authority: ORDNANCE FACTORY

India, Multi State, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

09 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

09 Aug, 2021

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NTID: 25185600
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