Gram Sabha Taranpur Me Interlocking Se Interlocking Tak Mitti Khadanja Karya

Tendering Authority: Panchayati Raj Department

India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghazipur



Last Date For Submission

17 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

17 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 5 | Total Qty : 1023.8
# Item Quantity Units
1 Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting wild vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees of girth upto 300 mm, removal of stumps of such trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking of serviceable material to be used or auctioned, upto a lead of 1000 m including removal and disposal of top organic soil not exceeding 150 mm in thickness as per Technical Specification Clause 201. 330.00 Sqm
2 Construction of embankment with approved material obtained from borrow pits with a lift upto 1.5 m, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of Tables 300.1 and 300.2 with a lead upto 1000 m as per Technical Specification Clause 301.5 327.80 Cum
3 Laying brick soling layer on prepared sub-grade with brick on edging according to lines, graded and cross-section shown on the drawing filling joints with sand and earth, spreading 25 mm thick layer of earth over brick soling, watering and rolliing as per Technical Specification Clause 412 363.00 Sqm
4 Construction of N.P.-3 H.P 450mm dia 2.00 No.
5 S/F of sign board and photography 1.00 nos
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