Gram Sabha Afjalpur Me Interlocking Road Se Afjalpur Gaav Me Kuber Master Ke Ghar Tak Cc Karya

Tendering Authority: Panchayati Raj Department

India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghazipur



Last Date For Submission

17 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

17 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 416.68
# Item Quantity Units
1 Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting wild vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees of girth upto 300 mm, removal of stumps of such trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking of serviceable material to be used or auctioned, upto a lead of 1000 m including removal and disposal of top organic soil not exceeding 150 mm in thickness as per Technical Specification Clause 201. 150.00 sqm
2 constructionof embankment with approved material obtained from barrow pits with a lift up to 1.5m transporting to site spreading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of tables 300.1and 300.2 with a lead 1000m as per technical specification clause 301.5 146.25 cum
3 Construction of granular sub-base by providing well graded material, spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with rotavator at OMC, and compacting with smooth wheel roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per Technical Specification Clause 401. 12.00 cum
4 (WBM.GRADE 3) providing and laying and spreading and complteing stone aggregates of specific size to water bound mecadam speci. Inc. spreading in uniform thickness hand packing, rolling with there wheel 8-10 ton static roller in stages 2 proper grade and camber, applying and brooming stone screening/ binding materils to fill up the interstices of coarse aggregates watering and compacting to the required density grading 3 as per technical spec. clause 405.3 compacted thickness 75 mm. 39.93 cum
5 Providing and Laying of cement concrete pavement thickness and expansion, construction joint as per design over a prepared sub base ,with 125 micron polythin film 20 mm stone grit and coarse sand , and proper curing 14 days for proper completion of the work as per as per Analysis 67.50 cum
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