Gr-1 Laying 36 Inch Od, 1034 Km,approx.,cross Country Pipeline From Churwa Gujarat To Panipat ,haryana For New Mundra Panipat Pipeline ,p-25 Project

Tendering Authority: Indian Oil Corporation Limited

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida



Last Date For Submission

24 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

24 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 408 | Total Qty : 437720.60000000003
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1 GST % for the tender Please select the rate of GST in cell AY13. Rate selected shall be applicable for the entire BoQ.
2 MPPL Mainline Laying Group-1 Part-1
3 MAINLINE LAYING WORKS: Laying of Owner-supplied pre-coated mild steel line pipes, including arranging all additional land/construction corridor, beyond Owner's ROU/ROW, required for Contractor's storage, fabrication, access for construction site, movement of construction equipment etc., receiving and taking over Owner-supplied materials, handling, transportation etc. from Owner's issue point to work site, stringing along Right of Way (ROW)/ pipeline corridor, providing labour, equipment and supply of other inputs & materials/ consumables necessary to perform and complete the work in all respects in accordance with the contract including, but not limited to, the following works:- - Taking delivery of pre-coated/ bare pipes from the designated stockpile location (loading of pipes onto pipe trailors placed inside stockpile by mainline contractor shall be done by Owner's authorized agency), including placing of pipe trailors for taking delivery of pipes from designated stockpile, carrying out holiday detection and verification of pipes at the time of taking delivery), transportation of pipes to ROW/ work site/ Contractor's storage location etc., - Clearing and grading of ROW/ pipeline corridor, cutting of trees, vegetation etc. including keeping record of trees cut, including de-watering etc., - Stringing of pipes along ROW including providing straw bags/ soft padding below pipe (in Rocky areas requiring blasting for preparation of trench, pipes shall be strung after the blasting operation and clearing of trench as per instructions of Site Engineer/ Engineer-in-Charge), - Trenching to all depths to maintain clear earth cover as per specification and to fit minimum bend radius, by excavation in all kinds of terrain & soil, including stripping top-soil to a depth of 30cm to the full anticipated width of the ditch and storing this material separately along the ROW to allow re-depositing of the same on top of the backfilled ditch (in cultivable and other areas specially designated by Owner), - Carrying out repair of pipe & coating defects for defects occuring after "taking over" of pipes from Owner, replacement in the case of non-repairable defects and repairing damages to pipe coating including defects/ damages occurring during transportation & handling, - Aligning, bending, lining up, cutting, and bevelling (as required) of pipes for field adjustments, welding (manual / semi-automatic / automatic) with mandatory minimum percentage of welding by Automatic/ Semi-Automatic welding technique as specified in the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) for the tender, physical inspection of all weld joints by qualified welding engineer/ inspector & carrying out repair of weld-joints found defective, - Carrying out 100% radiographic inspection (by X-Ray) of all field weld joints for initial 1(one) Km in each Mainline Spread, Crossings and other specific locations as per Specifications and Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) and 20% radiographic inspection (by X-Ray) for the balance portion (excluding crossings and other specific locations) and destructive testing of one weld joint in each Spread as per specification and direction of Site Engineer, with mandatory minimum percentage by Digital Radiography (Computed radiography) technique as specified in the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) for the tender including providing Crawler type Automatic X-Ray machine and external X-Ray machine, and all other requisite equipment, labour, supervision, materials, approved films, imaging plates, scanners, CR software, approved consumables, all facilities and personnel to process, develop, examine and interpret radiographs (by qualified and experienced Radiography Inspector), providing all facilities to Owner's representative(s) for examining radiographs and other tests as required, carrying out repair of weld-joints found defective, carrying out re-radiography and other tests as required on repaired joints, etc., - Carrying out coating of all field weld joints, by qualified coating insulators, including supply of approved joint coating materials, providing all equipment, materials and consumables necessary to carry out the job as per manufacturer's recommendation, - Installation of hot-pulled bends at required locations in mainline (bends to be fabricated from Owner-supplied bare pipes) including cutting, bevelling, fitment, coating the bare bend pipe with approved heat shrink sleeves, - Carrying out holiday detection, at specified voltage level corresponding to coating type and as per specifications, and repair of coating, if any, -Laying pipeline by open-cut method at crossings viz., cart-track, village road, metalled/ un-metalled roads, minor water courses (MWC) etc.,(except crossings identified as "Cased", "Submerged" & "HDD" crossings ) and restoration of the crossing site to original condition including performance of additional works for strengthening of banks of water courses etc., - Lowering the pipeline in trench, tieing-in, backfilling with excavated earth and/or other suitable soil (top soil stored separately during trenching shall be backfilled on top of the ditch) as directed by Site-Engineer, - Carrying out air cleaning, gauge pigging and hydrostatic testing (to specified pressure) of the complete pipeline (excluding those HDD crossing sections not under the scope of this tender) including providing 'pre-testing' of designated sections as approved by Engineer-in-Charge, providing all equipment, pumps, fittings, instruments, dead weight tester etc. and services, supervision, labour, consumables, testing of water, supply & injection of corrosion inhibitor, locating leaks, if any, and rectification of defects attributable to Contractor, re-testing after rectification etc. and cleaning the pipeline section after successful hydrotesting, - All tie-ins, including tieing-in with HDD sections under this tender and also with HDD sections not covered under this tender (tie-ins with HDD sections not under this tender shall be paid separately as per relevant item of SOR), - Obtaining work permits/ NOC from various authorities having jurisdiction before execution of work and complying with all stip ulations/ conditions/ recommendation of the said authorities - Supply and installation of 1.0 mm thickness & width (D+300) warning mat/ mesh over entire pipeline as per relevant specification - Final clean-up and restoration of ROW/ construction corridor, field bunds etc., obtaining NOC from statutory authorities (as required) and obtaining NOC from respective land owners in respect of final restoration of their land etc, disposal of debris and returning surplus material to designated disposal areas/ storage location, as directed by Engineer-in-Charge, restoration of land, facilities and boundary wall etc. for facilities dismantled/ damaged by Contractor during construction, - Preparation of as-built drawings, pipe book and other records as per specifications etc., - Supply of all materials (other than those specifically undertaken to be supplied by the Owner under the contract) necessary for performance of work or for temporary or permanent incorporation in the works, and - All other acts, deeds, matters and things necessary to make the pipeline ready for commissioning and completing the works in all respects as per drawings, specifications and instructions of Site Engineer/ Engineer-in-Charge. NOTE: I) The rate quoted against this item shall include cost of excavation and backfilling of trench of standard width (as per approved drawings) in all kinds of soil for laying Mainline pipe. II)The Mainline work includes and covers the work in all types of crossings viz., roads, drains, minor water courses (MWC), low lying areas, ponds, plant area, underground utilities, pedestrian crossings, etc. except those crossings identified as "Cased", "Submerged" & "HDD" crossings for which relevant item of SOR shall be applicable. III) Concrete coating, if necessary, for laying pipelines across ponds, low lying areas etc. shall be paid separately as per relevant item of SOR. IV) Cost of all materials required in repair and/ or rectification of defective work caused due to reasons not attributable to any act or omission of the Owner shall be chargeable to Contractor account. The Owner will supply the additional materials from its designated store/ godown (insofar as constitutes Owner-supplied materials) required for the repair/ rectification work on chargeable basis. The cost of such material shall be as determined by the Engineer-in-Charge plus an additional charge of 15% of the cost of material shall also be levied. The decision of the Engineer-in-Charge, as to the cost of the material, shall be final and binding on the Contractor. VI) In the course of hydrostatic testing of the mainline section, if any defective portion/ pipe/ work is found to be due to a defect in the pipe attributable to the Owner, the Owner shall supply the additional necessary pipes at Owner issue point required for the work free of cost to the Contractor, but the Contractor shall supply all other materials and inputs at his own cost for replacement of pipe section. The Contractor shall be paid a lump sum amount for each such failure (refer relevant clause of Special Conditions of Contract of the tender documents) for the work involved in locating & identifying the defects in the mainline and in their repair/rectification as per the specification. Failure in one or more pipes in a section during a single pressurization cycle shall be considered as a single failure for the purpose of compensation for hydrostatic test failure on account of manufacturing defect. VII) Installation of the hot-pulled bends in Mainline, including cutting beveling of pipes, fitment etc., shall be inclusive in the Mainline rate. Payment for fabrication of hot-pulled induction bends, as per specifications, shall be done separately as per relevant item of SOR. The hot-pulled bends shall be coated at site with heat shrink sleeves. The cost of the same shall be deemed to be included in this item for Mainline laying. VIII) Penalty for not meeting the minimum specified percentage of welding by Automatic/ Semi-Automatic welding technique and radiographic inspection of joints by Digital radiography technique shall be imposed as per the relevant clause(s) of the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC).
4 36" OD 115000.00 M
5 MPPL Mainline Laying Group-1 Part-2
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