Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram - Office Of Deputy Secretary, Electronics And Information Technology, Room No.629 (n 109) At 1st Floor, South Block.-ac Replacement(retender)

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram



Last Date For Submission

30 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

30 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 7 | Total Qty : 34
# Item Quantity Units
1 Part-1 Air conditioning
2 OD64593/2022-2023:Supply installation testing and commissioning of the following capacity three phase wall mounting type split air conditioner unit fitted with hermitically sealed compressor, operation on refrugerant R22/Non CFC Suitable for wall/floor mounting conforming to IS 1391 (part II) (amendments - I except Power consumption norms) suitable for operation on 415 V, 50 HZ Three phase AC Supply of performing.:-a. Cooling:-b. Dehumidifying.:-c. Air Circulating.:-d. Filtering.:-e. Higher Energy Efficient.f) Copper Condensing coil g) white / off-white :-3 TR Mega Split AC Unit.(Blue star/ Hitachi / Daikin) 1.0000 each
3 OD64595/2022-2023:Supply and providing the following size soft drawn copper pipe for extending the pipe between out door and indoor unit, including insulating the pipe using rubberized foam sleeve 10mm thick, brazing, leak testing etc.:- 3/8 inch (9.52 mm) and 5/8 inch (15.8 mm) 22 gauge 8.0000 metre
4 and drawing the following sizes of multi-core PVC insulated & FRLS PVC sheathed 650/1100 V grade copper conductor round flexible cables conforming to IS 694 part I 1960 in the existing surface / recess conduit as required including giving necessary connections of the following sizes.3 core 2.50 sq mm 13.0000 metre
5 1.21.2:Supplying and fixing of following sizes of medium class PVC conduit along with accessories in surface/ recess including cutting the wall and making good the same in case of recessed conduit as required.25 mm 10.0000 metre
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