Gis Based Asset And Consumer Database Mapping System For Dharamgarh, Kesinga, Khariar, Nuapada, Junagarh, Khariar Road And Bhawanipatna Ulbs Under Ph Division Bhawanipatna

Tendering Authority: GOVERNMENT OF ORISSA

India, Odisha, Bhawanipatna



Last Date For Submission

13 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

13 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 16 | Total Qty : 27145.101000000002
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1 Supplying all materials, labour T&P for GIS Based Asset and Consumer database Mapping System for Dharamgarh,Kesinga,Khariar,Nuapada,Junagarh,Khariar Road & Bhawanipatna as per direction of Engineer-in-charges. a. Study & analysis of existing asset database i.e.,Rising pipeline, distribution pipeline, household meter position, valve position, storage details etc. b. Identification and marking of points of Interest (POI), namely, landmark areas, sub-areas, locations & name of street by lane with node RL & length of pipe from node to node including dia of pipe with MOC etc. c. Generation and printing of section-wise/Ward-wise Asset maps in soft (PDF)/hard copies of Dharamgarh,Kesinga,Khariar,Nuapada,Junagarh,Khariar Road & Bhawanipatna. d. Survey of existing & new water supply assets for ground truthing by GPS/DGPS. e. Asset data model updation. f. Attribute data linking. g. GIS based Mapping of existing, new & replaced assets. h. Output/Deliverables - 1. KML 2. SHP FILES 3. GIS MAPS IN COORDINATE SYSTEM 4. Data base created to be web enabled with satellite image of 0.3 m resolution & it should be audited in open source.
2 Dharamgarh NAC 19.746 Sqkm
3 Kesinga NAC 21.434 Sqkm
4 Khariar NAC 30.627 Sqkm
5 Nuapada NAC 40.208 Sqkm
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