General-desilting-kyip-non Plan-2022-23-urgent Works For Jungle Clearance And Silt Removal Of Kallur Branch Canal Before 2023water Distribution-general Civil Work

Tendering Authority: Irrigation Department

India, Kerala, Kozhikode



Last Date For Submission

28 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

28 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 4 | Total Qty : 1924
# Item Quantity Units
1 Desilting
2 2.6.1:Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (Hydraulic excavator)/manual means over areas (exceeding 30 cm in depth, 1.5 m in width as well as 10 sqm on plan) including disposal of excavated earth, lead up to 50 m and lift up to 1.5 m, disposed earth to be levelled and neatly dressed.All kinds of soil 512.0000 cum
3 2.26.1:Extra for every additional lift 1.5 m or part there of in excavation / banking excavated or stacked materials.All kinds of soil 512.0000 cum
4 2.31:Clearing jungle including uprooting of rank vegetation, grass, brush wood, trees and saplings of girth up to 30 cm measured at a height of 1 m above ground level and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 50 m outside the periphery of the area cleared 900.0000 sqm
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