General- Annual Plan-idp/2022-23 - Kakkacity Purayidamcity Road Punarudharanam And Irish In Konnathady G P (adimaly Bp) 829/23-general Civil Workgeneral Civil Work-1


India, Kerala, Adimaly



Last Date For Submission

25 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

25 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 11 | Total Qty : 7379.559000000002
# Item Quantity Units
1 Road retarring
2 3.2:Preparation of Foundation for Embankment <br> Scarifying Existing Bituminous Surface to a Depth of 150 mm by Mechanical Means <br> Scarifying the existing bituminous road surface to a depth of 150 mm and disposal of scarified material with a lift upto 3 m and lead upto 1000 m as per Technical Specification Clause 301.4. 916.4000 sqm
3 4.9:Wet Mix Macadam <br> Providing, laying, spreading and compacting graded stone aggregate to wet mix macadam specification including premixing the material with water at OMC in mechanical mixer (Pug Mill), carriage of mixed material by tipper to site, laying in uniform layers in sub-base/base course on a well prepared sub-base and compacting with smooth wheel roller of 80 to 100kN weight to achieve the desired density including lighting, barricading and maintenance of diversion, etc as per Tables 400.11 & 400.12 and Technical Specification Clause 406. <br> By Mechanical Means with 1 km lead 43.8450 cum
4 Coat - Low porosity - With Packed Bitumen Rates <br> Providing and applying primer coat with bitumen emulsion (SS-1) on prepared surface of granular base including cleaning of road surface and spraying primer at the rate of 0.70-1.0 kg/sqm using mechanical means as per Technical Specification Clause 502 344.1000 sqm
5 Coat - With Packed Bitumen Rates <br> Providing and applying tack coat with Bitumen emulsion (RS-1) using emulsion distributor at the rate of 0.25 to 0.30 kg per sqm on the prepared granular surfaces treated with primer & cleaned with Hydraulic broom as per Technical Specification Clause 503. 344.1000 sqm
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