Ge(u)/chm-17/2022-23 Repair/maint And Replacement Of Defective Parts In Renewal Of Boilers Laundry Plant Installed At Ch (wc) Under Ge (u) Chandimandir

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Haryana, Chandimandir



Last Date For Submission

24 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

24 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 133 | Total Qty : 856
# Item Quantity Units
1 Annual maintenance of laundry plant installed in Comd Hospital (WC) Chandimandir for 11 month including the following:- (i) Depute a Skilled technician for 2 days once in a month on working days except Sunday/Holidays (ii) A preventive maintenance schedule would be made for the smooth working of all equipments and AMC schedule would be discussed with Engineer -in-charge & finalized once AMC is being approved. (iii) The entire equipment will be serviced irrespective of any break down. (iv) For the maintenance of the machines the shutdown time is to be given in the day time only. (v) To carry out the preventive maintenance as per the recommended guidelines of the manufacturers. (v) To oil, grease, and carry out general cleaning of the equipments every month to ensure the smooth working of the same. (vi) To replace the defective or worn out parts of the Equipment s to ensure that the breakdown is minimized. 11 Visit per Month
2 (vii) To carry out the preventive maintenance for the hydraulic systems and other pneumatic systems of the machines. (viii) The contractor should provide necessary lubricants at the time of servicing (ix) To carry out the all quarterly, half yearly and yearly checks of the equipments. (x) To give the advance intimation for the requirements of the materials or spares needed for the machines to avoid the shut down. (xi) To provide the uniforms for technicians. (xii) To suggest the list of critical/unique spare parts/consumables required in laundry that could be stocked by and if any spare parts are used has to be replaced to maintain the minimum stock level.
3 (xiii) The response time to attend break down calls by your service team is 24 hours. Note for item No 1. (i) Contractor will conclude AMC with OEM (which is SUPERSHINE LAUNDRY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD) and copy of agreement will be submitted to Engr-in-Charge and GE before commencement of AMC. No payment will be made to contractor without submission of valid AMC agreemet. (ii) Contractor will provide service report of each visit (per month) of the Authorized service centre.
4 Repair/Replacement of door lock handle for washing machine 100 kg complete all as specified and directed . Make : Supershine Cat part No SFL100-0051-1 2.00 Each
5 Repair/ replacement of rubber gasket for door of washing machine 100 Kg complete all as specified and directed . Make : Supershine Cat part No SFL100-0037-1 2.00 Each
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