Fabrication, Providing And Installation Of 4 Nos Small Aeration System In Water Body At Swarn Jayanti Park Sec-10 Rohini Under Hd-5 Rohini Zone.


India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 15 | Total Qty : 1285
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of open well type dewatering sewage mono submersible pump set along with submersible motor for operation on 3 Phase, 415 Volts 50Hz AC supply in the existing water body etc. Complete as required suitable for following duties:- (i) Head Range - 12 Mtr. - 28 Mtr. (ii) Discharge Range - 1260 LPM - 325 LPM (iii) Liquid - Sewage treated water (iv) Capacity - 5HP (3.7 KW) (Minimum) 4.00 Each
2 Supplying & Installation of PVC insulated & PVC sheathed flat submersible copper cable of size 1X3X2.5 sq.mm of 1.1 KV grade confirming to I.S. 694 including connection, testing etc as reqd. 200.00 Each
3 Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissoning of floating type fountain, base frame size of 25mm X 25mm X 5mm, 304 S.S. Grade angle for holding the existing fountain motor, Nozzles ring 1000mm dia made out by PVC drum 200 ltr. Capacity - 2 Nos. (frame size 1000mm X 4Nos. legs and 400mm X 400mm - 2Nos. for top and bottom), S.S. Pipe 1.5mm thick size (30X30) sq.mm size 1750mm X 1000mm rectangle type and for holding drums with S.S. strip size of 25mm X 3mm - 12mtr. (Approx.) and covered with 2mm thick fiber glass sheet (4.5 sq.mtr.) around the frame & bottom upto fountain ring, nuts-bolts etc. complete as required (as per drawing attached). 4.00 Job
4 Supplying & laying 63mm dia (OD-63mm and I.D. 51mm nominal) DWC/HDPE pipe I.S.I. Marked along with all accessories like socket bend couplers etc. Confirming to I.S. 14930/- Part-II complete with fitting and cuttting jointing etc. In the existing trench complete as required. 200.00 Mtr.
5 Fabrication, supply & Installation of ring fountain in the existing aeration system of size 1000mm dia made out of 40mm dia 'B' class G.I. Pipe including Providing/fixing of 7Nos. Gun metal single jet nozzles movable type with socket, nipple painting and testing etc. complete as required.ISI Marked 4.00 Job
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