Extension Of New Building For Tmch In Civil Hospital At Sangrur Providing 8 Passengers Lift Without Machine Room

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Punjab, Sangrur



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 1
# Item Quantity Units
1 8 Passengers Lift without Machine Room
2 Type and Capacity : Approximately 544 Kg, 8 Passengers Lift without Machine Room Speed: 1.0 Meter per second Type of drive: AC Variable Voltage Variable Frequency with 16-Bit Microprocessor. /VF Regenerative (Closed loop) Motor: Permanent Magnet Gearless Machine to be hoisted on the top of guide rail within the elevator hoist way Travel: Approximately16 Meter (Ground to 4th Floor) Serving: 5 Floors 5 Stops 5 Openings 5 Levels (All on the same side) Hoist way : 1875mm (Wide) x 1875mm (Deep) Clear dimensions Headroom Height (HR): 5000 mm beyond finished floor level of last landing Pit Depth : 1600mm below the finish floor level of first landing Car Size : 1100mm w x1300mm D x2200mm D Car Enclosure : Constructed out of stainless steel finish panel in Scratch Resistance/ Vandal proof Car Entrance: Four panel Center Opening Automatic Doors of Stainless steel finish panel in Scratch Resistance/ Vandal proof with a clear opening of 800mm (wide) x 2000mm (high) (Upto 40% area visible by glass.
3 Hoist way Entrance: Four Panel Center opening Automatic Door's of Stainless steel finish panel in Scratch Resistance/ Vandal proof with provision of emergency key opening at landings with a clear opening of 800mm (wide) x 2000mm (high) Door operation : Automatic DC Door operation with adjustable door opening and closing timings Control: Simplex full selective collective control with and without attentdent Operation: Automatic Power Supply: 415 Volts, 3- phase, 50Hz Alternating Current Flooring: Floor Skid - Resistant as per standard Fan: Blower Fan in Car for ventilation with Auto cut off Lighting: LED for Car Lighting Indicators: LED Dot matrix / Digital 3 segement direction and position indicators in the car and at all landings Hand Rail: Stainless Steel round Hand rail not less than 600mm long at 900mm above floor level (Side LH,Side RH & Rear) Call Button Height: Call button (Outside the lift) placed at a height between 800mm-1meter from the floor level Control Panel Height: Control panel placed at a height between 800mm-1meter from the floor level MAKE :- OTIS, KONE, THYSSENKRUPP
4 Other Features : 1. Battery operated emergency light with rechargeable battery 2. Battery operated emergency alarm with rechargeable battery 3. Adjustable Guide shoes 4. Micro movement LED based buttons 5. Door Open and Close buttons 6. Emergency Intercom provided inside the elevator 7. Emergency Intercom usable without the voice communication 8. Load weighing device with overload bypass feature and Overload function with Audio Visual Indication 9. Steel items, door frames sill angle's, fascia plates, spring buffers 10. Automatic phase reversal device and Phase Failure protection 11. Call registration 12. Audio & Video System installted in the lift indicating arrival at a floor 13. Manual break lever 14. Additional car gate lock
5 15. Automatic break testing infrared safety curten 16. Braille Buttons (Inside and outside) with Braille instructions for the communication system 17. Kick plate/Skirting 18. Lift anoucement system to announce floor level's in english language only and indication of door for entrance / exit is either Open or Close. 19. Car Operating Panel 20. Car plateform constructed out of cold rolled grain oreinted formed sheets of steel 21. Phase two device fire man drive 22. Fire Man switch at main lobby
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