Enmakaje Gp Pro. No.156/2022-23-sheni Kuravankallu Road Improvement Ward 12


India, Kerala, Kasaragod



Last Date For Submission

31 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

31 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 4 | Total Qty : 1362.9
# Item Quantity Units
2 5.5.B.2a:Modified Penetration Macadam 75 mm thick using Bitumen S-65 <br> Construction of penetration macadam over prepared base by providing a layer of compacted crushed coarse aggregate using chips spreader with alternate applications of bituminous binder and key aggregates and rolling with a three wheel 80-100 kN static roller to achieve the desired degree of compaction as per Technical Specification Clause 506. <br> (B) 75 mm thick :- (II) Bitumen (S-65) 102.9000 sqm
3 5.2.1a:Tack Coat<br> Providing and applying tack coat with Bitumen emulsion (RS-1) using emulsion distributor at the rate of 0.20 to 0.25 kg per sqm on the prepared bituminous surface cleaned with Hydraulic broom as per Technical Specification Clause 503. 630.0000 sqm
4 5.11.1.A.2a:Mix Seal Surfacing - Manual Means - Type A - Bitumen S-65 <br> Providing, laying and rolling of close-graded premix surfacing material of 20 mm thickness composed of 11.2 mm to 0.9 mm (Type-A) or 13.2 mm to 0.9 mm (Type-B) aggregates using penetration grade bitumen to required line, grade and level to serve as wearing course on a previously prepared base, including mixing in a suitable plant, laying and rolling with a three wheel 8-10 kN static roller and finishing to required level and grades as per Technical Specification Clause 509 <br> By Manual Means :- Type A <br> (II) Bitumen (S-65) 630.0000 sqm
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