Tendering Authority: Bharat Coking Coal Limited

India, Gujarat, Mandal



Last Date For Submission

07 Nov, 2020

Closing Date

07 Nov, 2020


1.electrical Wiring In Qtr. No. D/11 At Harina Coloney, Electrical Wiring Qtr. No. B/76 At Harina Coloney, Electrical Wiring Qtr. No. B/1 At Hospital Coloney, Electrical Wiring In Qtr. No. C/12 At Hospital Coloney, Electrical Wiring In Qtr. No. C/115 At Harina Coloney Electrical Work And Same Parts Supply And Fitting In Area Laboratory, Barora Area.2.dismantling And Erection Of 440volt O/h Line In Dav School, Muraidih New Coloney And Khodovally Coloney Of Muraidih Under Amp Colliery.3.erection Of 3.3kv O/h Line Feeder No.2 From 1k Pit To Main Patch For Feeding Power To Ht Pump Of Main Patch, Phularitand Under Amp Colliery.4.diversion Of 3.3kv O/h Line Feeder No.1 To Feeding Power To Chitahi Basti And 4000gpm Pump Motor Set At 4th Patch Due To Advancement Of Ob Dump At Silo Side At Muraidih Under Amp Colliery.5.diversion & Extension Of 3.3kv O/h Line Feeding Power To Hemm Machine For Widening Of Haul Road Of Pump Face Of 3rd Patch Of Muraidih Under Amp Colliery.6.complete New Fresh Wiring Of 1k Pit At Bendiih, Phularitand Workshop Under Barora Area.7.diversion Of 3.3kv O/h Line From The View Point Of Main Patch To The Pumping Platform, Diversion Of 3.3kv O/h Line To Feed Power To The Pumping Purpose For To The Decco Company To Pumping Platform Of Jarlahi Patch Of Phularitand Ocp In Phularitand Colliery.8.diversion Of Lt 220v O/h Line At Socp Face Due To Marching Of Hemm Machine And Changing Of Damaged Conductors & Pole Of 440v O/h Line At Muraidih New Coloney, Barora New Coloney And Mandal Kenduadih Sub-station Of Socp/mocp Patch, Muraidih Colliery.9.erection Of Lighting O/h Line In The Mine Premises For Peripheral Lighting Of Pump Section Of Phularitand Ocp And Erection Of 440v O/h Line From Upper Mandra Sub-station To Ganeshpur Sub-station In Phularitand Colliery.

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