e-tender for rate contract of veterinary aid materials, instrument and appliances for the years 2021-22 - roll bandage( gauze) 3 inches (length 3meters)., roll bandage( gauze) 6 inches (length 4meters)., bandage cloth breadth 90 cm,length 18 mtr., ss kindey tray (12 inches), ss vaginal speculum for small animal. size 6 -8 inches, pocket instrument set in leather bag( containing 1.artery forceps, 2.scissors medium, 3.scalpel, 4.silk suturing thread, 5. nylon suturing thread 6.traumatic needle ( straight and curve),7. atraumatic needle (straight and curve), 8. s.s dressing syringe, 9. digital thermometer, 10. tissue forceps medium size, 11. b.p handle -2piece. 12.b.p blade 5 piece, 13. milk syphone, 14. needle holder, 15. curved scissors, 16.abcess knife), group ii ( aid- materials), absorbent cotton 500gm, stethoscope with washable pouch for vety., nitrile disposable hand gloves, disposable syringe 10ml with 18 gauge needle, disposable syringe 20ml with 18 gauge needle, manual spraying machine, made of plastic, 16 litre capacity ., wheel legged s.s saline stand, cotton casting rope, burdizo castrator for large animal, baby burdizo castrator , vaccination needle 20g , vaccination needle 24g, vaccination needle 18g, vaccination needle 16g, heavy duty rubber hand gloves for electrical operation

Tendering Authority: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department

India, Assam, Guwahati



Last Date For Submission

27 Sep, 2021

Closing Date

27 Sep, 2021

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