Tendering Authority: Health and Medical Education

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar



Last Date For Submission

08 Sep, 2020

Closing Date

08 Sep, 2020


e bid for the procurement of surgical instruments( cardio vascular surgery instruments ) - vso retractor – various size, ra retractor – large, ra retractor –medium, ra retractor –small, la retractor – large, la retractor –medium, la retractor –small, cardiac scissors, sternal retractor large, sternal retractor medium, sternal retractor small, needle holder value 12` tc tip, needle holder value 14`` tc tip, debe key, fine & blunt 7```, debe key, fine & blunt 9``, pot’s scessor’s, ring forceps, carbide forceps, castroviejo 7`, castroviejo 8`, castroviejo 9`, probe set, valculum, adison forceps, dera debekey back’s large medium small, angle debekey, anastomosis clamp, aorta clamp, aorta anastomosis clamp, aorta aneyurysm clapm, approximators rib, ascednding aorta cross clamp, bronchus clamp, chisel, sternum, coarctation clamp, coronary dilator, dissecting and ligature forceps, hand held retractors, hemostatic forcep, traumanil, internal mammary artery retractor, ligature forceps, lung grasping forceps, lung spatulas, mitral valve dilator, multi purpose clamp, occlusion clamp, organ grasping forcep, poa/aortic paediatric clamp, patent ductus clamp, peripheral vascular clamp, retractor hand held, retractor, scapula, retractor sterna, rib approximators, rib raspatories, rib rongeurs, rib shears, rib spreaders, sternum chisel wiring, tangential occulusion clamp, tourniquet, self retaining mitral valve surgery mvr, gigle saw with handle, sternal saw paediatric, sternal saw adult

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