Drilling Dev Const Of Pump House Dtank Fencing With Barbed Wire And Energisation Of 2no Deep Twell Village Sandhani-1 And Bringli Block Talwara Dist Hoshiarpur Under 502 Twell Scheme

Tendering Authority: Department Of Water Resources

India, Punjab, Hoshiarpur



Last Date For Submission

30 Sep, 2022

Closing Date

30 Sep, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 Drilling of 500mm dia bore with Direct rotary rig in all kinds of soil including the cost of consumable stores,fuel oil and transportation of rig to the site Complete in all respect in 2 No villages Sandhani 1 and Bringli of Talwara Block Dist Hoshiarpur
2 (i) From 0 to 150 Meter. 300.00 MTR
3 (ii) From 150 meter-300 Meter. 200.00 MTR
4 Supplying,lowering of M.S. pipe as per IS :4270:2001 including M.S. socket having dimensions as per IS code duly welded with M.S. electrode to have extra strength to lower pipe into tubewell bore.
5 (i) 300mm nominal diameter (weight 62.3 kg per metre) 8.00 mm thickness 240.00 MTR
6 (ii) 200mm nominal diameter ( weight 41.6 kg per metre) 8.00 mm thickness 180.00 MTR
7 Supplying, fixing and lowering of stainless steel cage type wire wound screen as per IS 8110-2000 or latest with ISI Marked duly welded with suitable grade SS welding electrode to lower the strainer into tube well bore 200mm dia Stainless Steel 8mm thick Strainer (0.75 MM Slot Size) 50.00 MTR
8 Supplying, Fixing and lowering of Stainless Steel Socket as per IS 8110-2000 or latest ISI marked duly welded with suitable grade SS welding electrode. to lower the strainer into tubewell bore. 200 mm internal diameter 8.00 NO
9 Supplying, Lowering & fixing of M.S. Special Socket to connect S.S. Strainer to M.S. Pipe duly welded with suitable grade welding electrode complete in all respect. 200 mm internal diameter 12.00 NO
10 Supplying and fixing of bail plug of MS pipe complete with invertor U-Block attached to the bottom plug complete in all respect. . 200mm internal diameter (weight 41.6 kg per metre )8.00mm thick. 10.00 MTR
11 Providing and fixing M.S. Taper/Reducer made out of 6mm thick sheet complete in all respect. M.S. Reducer 300 x 200mm dia. 2.00 NO
12 Supplying and fixing Mild Steel Centering guides madeout of 32mm X 6mm thick M.S. bar complete in all respect. Center guide 300 x 200mm dia. 10.00 NO
13 Supplying and fixing of well cap having thread to fix on housing pipe complete in all respect. Top well cap 300mm dia. 2.00 NO
14 Supplying and fixing of M.S. Clamp of size 300mm X 12mm made out of MS flat 1.52m long, suitable to fit housing pipe including the cost of nut and bolt of suitable size complete in all respect. M.S. Clamp 300mm dia. 2.00 NO
15 Supplying at site wooden box of suitable size with lid and locking arrangement for preserving strata sample collected from the bore. 2.00 NO
16 Making temporary water supply arrangement for drilling of tubewell with reverse rotary rig till completion of bore and packing of gravel. Depth of temporary bore upto 90 mtr (Per Tubewell) 180.00 MTR
17 Supply at quarry site of gravel of 1/16 to 1/8 including pouring and packing in the annular space between the pipes assembly and the bore. The gravel should be free from , dust , dirt, or the vegetable manner as per IS :4097/1967 with latest amendments (to be paid as per actual length of pipe). For proper approved size from Zirakpur/Ghagger quarry to site of work. 70.52 CUM
18 Making electric logging of bore hole with electronic well logger including cost of equipment at site etc. complete in all respect. 2.00 JOB
19 Resistivity to be done by contactor 2.00 JOB
21 (a) Development and stabilizing of the t/well with Air Compressor of required capacity as directed by engineer-in charge including cost of tools, appliances and consumable to the satisfaction of engineer-in-charge. Capacity of air compressor 300 cfm at 250 PSI 40.00 HOUR
22 (b) Development and stabilizing of the tubewell with submersible pump of required capacity as directed by the Engineer- in charge including the cost of tools , appliances and consumable to the satisfaction of engineer-in-charge. 32.00 HOUR
23 B) Construction of Pump House, D-Tank, fencing of Pump House area with barbed wire as per Approved Drawings and PWD specifications (2NO.TUBEWELLS)
24 Const of Pump House Size 10 x 8 and 11 ht. with 9 thick wall with 1:7 brick masonary cement sand mortar, RB slab 1:3,6 thick with brick plumbing, cement plaster 1:6, 12.5mm thick on walls, cement plaster 1:4, 12.5mm thickness on ceiling, cement pointing 1:3 deep variety out side the pump house, as per approved drawing. 2.00 JOB
25 Const. of D-Tank Construction of D-Tank as per approved drawing with brick masonary 1:5 in cement sand mortar in foundation and above plinth level, with cement plaster 1:3, 12.5mm thickness on walls in side, cement plaster 1:4, 12.5mm thick outside D-tank. 2.00 JOB
26 Const. of barbed wire Const. of barbed wire fencing around the pump house and D-Tank as per approved drawing 2.00 JOB
27 C) Supplying, Fixing & Installation of Pumping set and Control Panel & Lowering Material etc.(ENERGISATION OF 2 NO TUBEWELLS)
28 Submersible Pumping Set of 50 HP ISI Marked 1.00 NO
29 Submersible Pumping Set of 65 HP ISI Marked 1.00 NO
30 Three core Submersible Flat Cable 16 Sqmm ISI Marked 206.00 MTR
31 Three core Submersible Flat Cable 25 Sqmm ISI Marked 266.00 MTR
32 Control panel 50 HP 1.00 NO
33 Control panel 65 HP 1.00 NO
34 MS Pipe (Heavy) (IS:1239/3589/4270) 100 mm i/dia 5.40 mm thick 230.00 MTR
35 MS Flange 4"dia 5/8"thick o/dia 190 mm with 4 no holes and 2 no cuts 156.00 NO
36 M.S Nut&Bolt of all sorts 65.00 KG
37 M.S Lead Clamp of 100 mm dia 156.00 NO
38 M.S Flat for Jal 50.00 KG
39 PVC insulator for core cable for connection from Transformer to control panel 40.00 MTR
40 Supplying and Fixing of well cap having threaded to fix on housing pipe complete in all respect 2.00 NO
41 M.S. bend 4 ,90 degree , 5 mm thickness, leg length 40 cm ,flange thickness 15 mm , 6 no. holes 2.00 NO
42 Providing & fixing C.I/D.I flanged end , stem of SS (AIS 1410) & Bronze ( gunmetal) working parts sluice valves ISI maked 14846-2000 , including jointing, Testing & cost of Nut, bolt & insertion sheet, all carriage complete (with the approval of Engineer in-charge) .Class PN-1 as per ISI 100 mm i/d Sluice Valves flanged. 2.00 NO
43 PVC copper wire 19/16 ISI marked 30.00 MTR
44 PVC copper wire 7/22 ISI marked 20.00 MTR
45 Provision for solder thimble, flexible pipe , copper earth plate, G.I. pipe 1" dia, G.I. wire, internal electrification & Double earthing,Kit kat, ISI Marked (with cost of material & labour) 2.00 NO
46 Labour for lowering of pumping set including Rubber Jain and making M.S. Jal around pumping set. 2.00 JOB
47 MS Clamp 4"dia from 13 mm thick MS Sheet 2.00 NO
48 Any other item as per CSR+ZP
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