Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Procurement Of Bought Out Items, Assembly, Inspection, Testing At Manufacturers Works, Painting, Packing And Forwarding, Guarantee, Supply Of Fluid Coupling For Belt Conveyer Drives, Transport To Site On _for_ Basis Alongwith Commissioning Spares, Mandatory Spares, One Year Operation And Maintenance Spares, Maintenance Tools And Tackles, Special Tools And Tackles Etc. As Per Technical Specification Required For Bauxite Storage, Handling And Secondary Crushing Package For 1.0 Mtpa Alumina Refinery Stream _ 5 Of M/s National Aluminium Company Limited _nalco_ At Damanjodi, Odisha.

Tendering Authority: Mecon Limited

India, Jharkhand, Ranchi



Last Date For Submission

10 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

10 Aug, 2022

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