Day To Day Annual Operation And Maintenance Of Over Head Reservoir, Rising Main, Distribution System Of Raidighi Hospital W/s Scheme Under Raidighi Sub-division Of Alipore Division Phe Dte. (from 01.01.2023 To 31.12.2023)


India, West Bengal, Kolkata



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23 Dec, 2022

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23 Dec, 2022

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1 Operation and maintenance of distribution system including rising main and FHTC for Raidighi Hospital W/S Scheme under Raidighi Sub-Division of Alipore Division P.H.E. Dte. [From 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2023] including Opening & closing of all the different dia Sluice Valves (80 rum dia to 350 mm dia] on different places along the alignment of the rising main and distribution main at different places over the command area daily as and when required for regulating the supply of water and distributing' water all over the command area smoothly including changing and restoration of gland packing of sluice valve, air valve if required including opening the cap / plug of wash out point or opening the sluice valves including de-jointing flange joints (80 mm to 350 mm dial including repairing works and cleaning the pipeline or changing of gate, spindle or liner etc. of sluice valves all complete, restoration works to be done including earth work in the excavation bailing out of water, re-filling the excavated earth, taking out of RCC slab or slab cover and refaxing true to position etc. all complete as per the specification and direction of EIC. [Note:- Daily wages of Valve Operator to be paid as per minimum wages i.e. Rs. 404/- per person per day within 7(seven) days of every month along with Bonus @ 8.33% to be paid within the time period.] [including all taxes and charges whatsoever] [N.B. - Details scope of work and rates and measurement will be made as per Annexure - I Any item other than Annexure - I required for better performance of the scheme should be taken from prevailing PWD / PHE SOR & SE/SWC approved rates.] 1 Item
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