Cweafj-03/2022-23 Provision Of Additional Signage Boards, Road Furniture And Painting To Perimeter / Service Road At Jammu

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu



Last Date For Submission

29 Sep, 2022

Closing Date

29 Sep, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 Making lines, dashes, arrows etc. exceeding 10cms wide on road surfaces as per IRC pattern, using hot applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint of 2.5mm thickness mixed with radium glass beads @ 250 gms/Sqm with Automatic Machine to provide reflectivity and night vision (Approximate temperature being 200 degrees at the time of laying) including cleaning the surface of all dirt and other foreign materials, traffic diversion arrangement complete all as specified and directed 2000.00 Square Metre
2 Guidance Signage Board (IP-65 protection) complying with ICAO standards for shoulders of Runway / Taxi Track Links with supporting structure described as under of the following size :-
3 (a) SHEET & FRAME : The Sheet and Frame of the Signage Boards shall fabricated out of anodised aluminium profile structure with 2mm thick aluminium sheet and 4mm thick long life imported non-specular surface polycarbonate sheet. The symbols of signage shall be made of self adhesive film applied on face of polycarbonate sheet. he frame shall be mounted on 4 Nos GI Tubing light grade of 40mm dia. The Signage Board shall be illuminated with linear LEDs with ICs and other accessories required, suitable convertor to operate on 2.8 Amps to 6.6 Amps AC constant current as incoming supply.
4 (b) SIGNAGE SHEET & FRAME : Retro Reflective Sheeting Class C, 3M Diamond Grade 3 (DG3) confirming to ASTMD 4956 09 type-XI with pressure sensitive adhesive shall be fixed to polycarbonate signage sheet and frame all as per the manufacturer s instructions. The size and shape of Signs / Numbers / Indications and Letters etc. shall be as directed at site.
5 (c) FIXING ARRANGEMENT : The legs of the Signage Board shall be embedded in PCC Blocks of size not less than 450mm x 450mm x 600mm. PCC type B-2 1:2:4 using 40mm graded crushed stone aggregate shall be used for this purpose. The earthwork in excavation required for embedding of PCC blocks including returning filling in and removal of surplus spoil to a distance not exceeding 50 metres shall be done by the Contractor all as directed at site. Makes : VIBGYOR INDUSTRIES / SINOR / ELECTRO SYSTEM / NASU / POSH DECOR
6 (a) Size 2.80m x 0.90m 2.00 Each
7 (b) Size 2.80m x 0.70m 1.00 Each
8 (c) Size 2.60m x 0.70m 2.00 Each
9 (d) Size 2.20m x 0.70m 3.00 Each
10 (e) Size 1.30m x 0.80m with two legs only. 5.00 Each
11 Isolation Transformer of capacity 100 Watts, current rating 6.6/6.6 Amps all as specified and as directed. Make : BILDAL / AMA / ADB / ITE GURGAON / EFLA ELECTROMAC / ELECTRICFIELD 60.00 Each
12 Supply and laying secondary cable of size 2 x 4 Sqmm copper conductor PCP insulated PE 1.1 KV grade flexible cable complete all as specified and as directed. Make' : ALOKE / RR KABEL / NEXANS / DALTONS / POLYCAB 800.00 Running Metre
13 Two Pin 4.0 Sqmm Secondry Plug Assembly for Signage boards complete all as specified and directed. 60.00 Each
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