Creation Of 200 Kva H.t Transformer Sub-station Including M.s Tubular Poles And Transmission Lines At Dewatering Scheme Jumandub Chandergeer Of Misd Hajin

Tendering Authority: Department of Irrigation and Flood Control

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Sumbal



Last Date For Submission

02 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

02 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 14 | Total Qty : 457.5
# Item Quantity Units
1 Manufacture , providing , installation and Commissioning of 200 KVA capacity HT transformer at D/W Jumandub chandergeer . The job comprises of the following specifications , process of fabrication and involvement of material :- Core :- The core of the HT transformer shall be made with laminated and low loss electrical steel sheet that is cold rolled and of high grade steel , the core shall be assembled in a manner that it reduces the noise caused by vibration , individual stamping shall be coated with insulation varnish which shall be resisted to heat and oil on both sides . The core shall be connected to the clamp which ensures that if efficiency earthed. The core legs shall be bounded with heavy duty insulating tape and the yokes shall be rigidly/securely clamped between the folded steel channels , clamps on the top and bottom shall be firmly attached to each other by means of tie rod . The tie rod shall serve the dual purpose of transferring the load from the bottom to the top clamps and securing the winding in the piece to prevent tensile stress being setup in the core legs which shall otherwise will lead to iron loses . Winding :- The coils of the transformer shall be precisely designed to meet the three basic requirements . thermal , mechanical and electrical . The coils shall be wound using the fresh aluminum winding material of specific grade and size and shape , both H.V & L.V type winding shall be wound with adequate securing and brazing tapers in order to get a sturdy , robustic and self supporting structure and shall be provided with inter layer duct ensuring low temperature gradient between windings and oil to that spot temperature shall be kept to minimum . Winding connection :- Tapping and phase leads shall run in paper covered conductors and adequate barriers shall be used to separate the phase leads from the tapping , Brazed tubes shall be used to maintain the required clearance between coil and tank .Tank:- The tank of the HT transformer shall be made from mild steel of adequate thickness with corruged wall panel type radiators of pressed steel fin coils and sufficient quantity of transformer for effective cooling. The job includes providing and fill in T oil upto required level of high grade quality . Specifications :- Capacity ------- 200 KVA No of phases ----------three Supply frequency -------- 50 Hz Type of cooling -------- oil cooled Output voltage --------- 433 V Mounting ------- on wheels , Earthing ----- Earthening terminals provided 1 Job
2 Providing and installation of 09 Mtrs. long steel tubular poles fabricated as per relevant ISI code/specifications ( SP 33) including their painting with red oxide primer & the two coats of steel primer. The job includes excavation of earth pit & then errection of tubular pole. 55 Jobs
3 Providing and laying of plum concrete in the ratio of 1:3:6 underground and rating the jacketing above ground level 1.5 55 Jobs
4 Fabrication/Providing and installation of channel X arm75 x 40 x 6mm and 5 long to be erected upon the HT Tubular poles for carrying the HT Feeder including Nuts /bolts 53 Jobs
5 Fabrication/Providing and installed of angle iron braces 50 x 50 x 6mm and 4 long for above X arm including nuts/bolts 53 Jobs
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