Tendering Authority: Sawai Man Singh Medical College and Associated Group of Hospitals, Jaipur

India, Rajasthan, Jaipur



Last Date For Submission

19 Oct, 2020

Closing Date

19 Oct, 2020


corrigendum : rate contract of supply of disposable and consumable items for nephrology department (dialysis items) - dialyzer with blood tubing set. dialyzer should be synthetic membrane (poly sulfone) blood tubing set must be same company of dialyzer, effective surface area 1.3 sqm, effective surface area 1.6 sqm, effective surface area 1.8 sqm, pediatric dialyzer with pediatric blood tubing. dialyzer should be synthetic membrane (poly sulfone). blood tubing set must be pediatric size and same company of dialyzer ., effective surface area 0.6 sqm, effective surface area 0.8 sqm, double lumen catheter with kit internal jugular/straight catheter should be made of flexible radio opaque polyurethane with a radio opaque tip (easy visualization in x ray). accessory should be provided (catheter dilator, introducer needle 18 g, guide wire with dispenser and inj. caps). catheter should be double d to have consistent blood flow with laser cut slide slot. catheter should be us fda approved (certificate must be enclosed), size 11.5 fr x 13.5cm, size 12 fr x 13cm, size 8 fr x 9cm, size 10 fr x 12cm, size 11.5/12fr x 16cm, antimicrobial coated (chlorhexidine and silver sulfaziazine) you- bend tm dialysis catheter with blue flextip 12 fr x 13cm, long term double lumen dialysis catheter with kit. accessory should be provided (catheter, pull apart sheath. dilator, tunneling stylet, guide wire j/s with dispensor and inj. caps) catheter should be usfda approved (certificate must be enclosed), size 14.5 fr x 19 cm, size 15.5 fr x 23 cm, symmetrical tip, retrograde and antegrade size 15 frx 19/23 cm, disposable biopsy gun needle automated spring loaded presterile size 16g/18g gun should be us fda approved (certificate must be enclosed), a.v. fistula needle rotating wing type having back eye 16g/17g, haemo dialysis solution fluid concentrate (part a) 10 ltr with bicarbonate powder 2 pkt. (part b) company must be iso and gmp certified (certificate must be enclosed), haemo dialysis fluid acetate formulation 10 ltr. jar. company must be iso and gmp certified (certificate must be enclosed), peritoneal dialysis catheter set 42 cm (capd)- with kit should contain coiled catheter and standard accessories catheter should be radio opaque, fistula binder (binder material & velcro should be of good quality), dry bi bag 650 gm powder compatible with fresenius dialysis machine, p.d. catheter with knife, p.d. administration set, plasma filter, size 0.6 m2, size 0.3 m2, dialyzer repossessing solution cold sterilant for dialyzer repossessing 5ltr jar, sodium hypochloride 6%-5ltr. jar, citric acid monohydrate - 500 gm, acetic acid glacial-5 ltr can, hydrochloric acid- 5 ltr can, citrosteril-5 ltr. can

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