corrigendum : procurement of esp ios system, aph, fans, esp spares, pa fan motor, seal for hot air gate and hot air damper etc. - work station: ipc-510mb-00xbe; advantech, oil drain branch,fd fan main brg.assy, shaft nut hml 47t;tr.235x4,fd fan brg, circlip sb102,fd fan blade brg. assy, cheesed head screw m8x16,p.c.-8.8,fd fan, screw plug a m24x1.5 for fd fan shaft, grub screw m6x12, stop ring(item10)-pa fan servomotor, locking ring 65x2.5-pa fan servomotor, control sleeve, fd fan ap-1-26-16 p/n 26, ring-pa fan servomotor, cheese head bolt m6x16,pa fan servomotor, locking ring 85x3,fd fan servomotor assy, fdf-24.5/11.8-1:sealing ring j95, fdf-24.5/11.8-1:distance ring, fdf-24.5/11.8-1:spacer ring, rectangular ring150x138x4-fd fan blade, circlip sw17-fd fan blade brg asy, circlip sb30-fd fan blade bearing assy, nut m45*1.5 l-45 part. no-21, distance ring dia 55/60 *25,fd fan p/n-5, spring ring a 10. for fd fan part.no-11, key 10*6*40 for fd fan pno-24, flange pl.32 dia 365/dia 262 pno-41, splash ring pl.28 dia335/dia 230 pno-11, ina ring 240/265*60 for f d fan.pno-2., worm gear housing,casting,sec red gb,aph, 90 deg. adapter for twin nozzle,saph sb, 30 vim: set of static seal assly(ce), 30 vim: set of static seal assly(he), ib rad sl lf sh2.5x141x1842, nozzle for soot blower of saph, by-pass seal he sh.1.6x229x920 for saph, by-pass seal ce sh.1.6x184x920 for saph, fdf-24.5/11.8-1:flat sealing ring 27x32, stop ring(item9)-pa fan servomotor, shaft insulator, support insulator for esp, vertical shaft for eerm esp, set of shaft eerm for esp of bhel make, set of shaft eerm for esp, sealing ring 34.5x.3 part no 38., soc head cap screw m6x16, shaft assy-threaded pin m6x12, set of shaft gdrm for esp of bhel make, flat sealing ring sh 2xd36 p no.-48,sba, bearing housing for shaft, paf 19/10.6-2:distance ring, paf 19/10.6-2:preload ring ii 32xd330/d2, paf 19/10.6-2:oil rejecting ring, distance ring for pa fan main brg. assy, paf 19/10.6-2:oil skid ring pl 25xd220/1, paf 19/10.6-2:preload spring d-309, thrust piece d4.5x5,pa fan main brg assy, splash ring for pa fan main brg. assy, plug bolt r 1/4",pa fan main brg. assy, sealing ring d14/18 for pa fan main brg, paf 19/10.6-2:preload ring i, cheese head bolt m16x50,pa fan rotor asy, locking disc 16-pa fan rotor, circlip 125x4 for servo motor assy, control slide for servo motor assy, ina ring to size 180x195x45, fdf-24.5/11.8-1:flat sealing ring 22x27, axial seal-hol strip he cw he2.5x72x1662, axl hold strip he sh 2.5x50x1127:paph, by pass seal he sh1.6x238x914:paph, by pass seal ce sh1.6x181x914 paph, holding strip sh 2.5x104x909 paph, axial hold strip ce 2.5x65x1132.5 item07, axi seal leaf ce sh2.5x100x1132.5 item01, axi seal leaf ce sh2.5x100x1132.5 item05, diapharm seal ib ce sh2.5x93x1460 item14, diapharm seal ib he sh2.5x93x1460 item12, diaphram seal ib ce sh2.5x93x1460 item36, hold strip ce sh 2.5x50x1092 item10, holding strip ib ce sh2.5x80x1425 item08, holding strip ib he sh2.5x80x1005 item11, holding strip inter sh2.5x80x1100 item09, holding strip outer sh 2.5x80x530 item10, rotor post seal pl6x120x1120 itemno-01, seal leaf ib ce sh 2.5x155x1460 item38, seal leaf ib ce sh 2.5x155x1460 item-04, seal leaf ib he sh 2.5x155x1460 item-37, seal leaf ib he sh 2.5x155x1460 item-03, ax sl hold strip he sh 2.5x65x1167.5paph, csk flat nib bolt with nut m16x40,impelr, spring seal assy(port), spring seal assy(side), gates:spring seal assy (bonnet) for cag, gates:spring seal assy (port) for cag, gates:spring seal assy (bottom) for cag, gates:spring seal assy (sides) for cag, static seal plate-ce sect.plates- paph, static seal plate-he sect.plates- paph, rad seal leaf inter sh2.5x155x1280, diaph seal interm sh2.5x93x1280 paph, t bar tab sh 3.15x20x106 paph, outer seal tab pl6x56x150:paph, seal tab he sh 2.5x138x138 paph, diaph seal interm sh2.5x93x1020 paph, ax sl hold strip he 2.5x65x1167.5:paph, ax sl lf he sh 2.5x100x1167.5:paph, seal leaf interim sh 2.5x155x1020 item42, diaph sl he sh2.5x94x1380,saph, diaph sl ce sh2.5x107x1380,saph, hold strip ib he sh2.5x90x1205:saph, hold strip ib ce sh2.5x114x1740,saph, hold strip interm ce sh2.5x114x1280:saph, hold strip ob ce sh 2.5x114x820,saph, ob sl tab he ccw sh 2.5x141x536,saph, seal tab ob ce ccw sh2.5x157x536,saph, diaph sl ib he ccw sh2.5x94x1842,saph, diaph sl ib ce ccw sh2.5x107x1842 saph, axl sl lf he ccw sh2.5x102x1662: saph, axl sl lf he cw sh2.5x102x1662:saph, axl sl lf ce cw sh2.5x102x637,saph, axl sl lf ce ccw sh2.5x102x637,saph, bp sl hold strip sh2.5x100x920, saph, rotor post seal he pl.6x127x1600:saph, rotor post seal ce pl.6x191x1600:saph, ib dia seal he sh2.5x94x1842-saph cw, out board holding strip(he) sh2.5x90x820, axial seal-hol strip ce ccw sh2.5x72x637, axial seal-hol strip ce cw sh2.5x72x637, axialseal-hol strip he ccw sh2.5x72x1662, diaph sl ib ce cw sh2.5x107x1842,saph, seal leaf ob ce sh 2.5x155x492 item06, seal leaf ob he sh 2.5x155x492 item07, nozzle for soot blower of paph, seal leaf ob ce sh2.5x155x492, seal leaf ob he sh2.5x155x492, 27.5 vim 2000:(cw+ccw)axial seals set, 27.5 vim 2000:(cw+ccw)bypass seals set, rotor post seal ce saph30vim2000, t bar tab 3.15x20x45 for saph., hld strp-int. rad sl-saph he:2.5x90x1280, axial seal tab-2.5x45x124,for saph, ib radial seal leaf sh.2.5x141x1842, ib radl sl lf ce ccw sh2.5x157x1842 saph, ob sl tab he cw sh 2.5x141x536,saph, rad sl lf ib ce cw sh2.5x157x1842:saph, rad sl lf ce sh2.5x157x1380:saph, seal tab ob ce cw sh2.5x157x536:saph, s.scm-11kv:2950kw:04p:b3 tetv:ila7905, seal asy (blade to blade) hot air damper, seal asy (blade-frame)-hot air damper, springseal-bottom-guillotine hotair gate, seal assy (bonnet) sp ing for hag stg2, seal assy (port) sp ing for hot air gate, shaft assembly for id fan, impeller assy stg i id fan 200 mw, blade for impeller (set of 23 blade), igv assy pa fan;ndfv22b, pin rack for aph 27-vi-80(t), igv for id fan.

Tendering Authority: National Thermal Power Corporation Limited

India, Uttar Pradesh, Vindhyachal



Last Date For Submission

11 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

11 Aug, 2021

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