Contract For Preventive/breakdown Maintenance And Restoration Of Power Supply During Snow Fall And Wind Storms For The Year 2022-23


India, Jammu and Kashmir, Sumbal



Last Date For Submission

03 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

03 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 14 | Total Qty : 14
# Item Quantity Units
1 Reinstallation of 63/100 kVA/250 kVA, 11/0.433 kV Distribution Transformer,oil filled icluding three substation earthings, thimbles, Clamps etc damaged due to heavy snowfall/Wind. (Note:- Transfomer available at the site) 1 No
2 Errection of GI channel/angle cross arms including fixing GI channels ( 100x50x6mm) / (75x40x6 mm) / angles(50x50x6 mm) with 50X8 mm back clamps without drilling/punching holes in the poles. (Material shall be provided by the department) 1 Kgs
3 Fixing of 11 kV Polymeric composite Pin/Disc Insulator 12 kV, 5 kN, Lighting Impulse 75 kV Positive and 80 kV Negative with creepage distance 320 mm. (Material shall be provided by the department) 1 No
4 Dismentalling and Re-errection of existing 9/8 M ST poles 1 No
5 Loading, transportation, insurance,unloading ,carriage , delivery at site and errection of ST Poles 9 Mtr long (410-SP-33) with pit excavition and incription. (Note: The poles shall be provided by the department) 1 No
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