Construction of Water Supply Scheme At Dhorwasa Tal. Bhadravati

Tendering Authority: PANCHAYAT SAMITI

India, Maharashtra, BHADRAWATI



Last Date For Submission

13 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

13 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 65 | Total Qty : 6647.167741000001
# Item Quantity Units
1 SUB WORK NO 01 :-SWITCH ROOM, PANEL BOARD AND OPERATING MOBILE SYSTEM Item No.1: Providing cement plaster for following thickness with appropriate coat in cement mortar in following proportions without neeru finish to concrete, brick or stone surfaces in all positions including scaffolding and curing etc. complete. 12 mm thick in C.M. 1:4 13.41 Sqm
2 20 mm thick in C.M. 1:4 20.32 Sqm
3 Item No.2 Providing and fixing factory made panneled door shutter in single leaf 35mm thick style and rail without ventilator with CCTW panels 12mm thick includng wrought iron hold fast and stainless steel fixtures with oil painting 3 coats etc. complete. 2.1 Sqm
4 Item No.3 Providing and fixing steel windows of various sizes as per detailed drawings with or without ventilators including fabrication, glazing with plain/ obscured glass pan and approved type and quality of fixtures and fastenings, 10 mm square bar at 100 mm c/c and finishing with 3 coats of oil painting etc. complete. (Without M.S. Box Frame) 1.08 Sqm
5 Item No.4 Providing and applying colourwash of approved colour and shade on new surface including scaffolding and brooming down including 2 coats of whitewash as base coat etc. complete. For two coats 9.43 Sqm
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