Construction Of Temprory Patra Shed At Chavindra Dumping Ground S. No.106 In Ward Office No 1

Tendering Authority: Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation

India, Maharashtra, Bhiwandi



Last Date For Submission

14 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

14 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 10 | Total Qty : 1232.46
# Item Quantity Units
1 Construction of temprory PATRA SHED at chavindra dumping ground S. no.106 in ward office no 1
2 item no.1 Excavation for foundation in earth, soil of all types, sand, gravel and soft murum, including removing the excavated material up to a distance of 50 m. beyond the building area and stacking and spreading as directed, dewatering, preparing the bed for the foundation and necessary back filling, ramming, watering including shoring and strutting etc. complete. (Lift upto 0.00 to 1.50 m.) By Manual Means 35.64 cmt
3 Filling in plinth and floors with contractors material/brought from outside and approved by Engineer incharge in layers of 15 cm to 20 cm including watering and compaction etc. complete. 144.00 cmt
4 Providing soling using 80 mm size trap metal in 15 cm. layer including filling voids with Crushed sand/grit, ramming, watering etc. complete. 55.20 cmt
5 Providing and laying Cast in situ/Ready Mix cement concrete in M15 of trap/ granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for foundation and bedding / steps including steel centering, formwork, laying/pumping, compacting, roughening them if special finish is to be provided, finishing uneven and honeycombed surface and curing etc. complete. The Cement Mortar 1:3 plaster is considered for rendering uneven and honeycombed surface, only. Newly laid concrete shall be covered by gunny bag, plastic, tarpaulin etc. (Wooden centering will not be allowed.),with fully automatic micro processor based PLC with SCADA enabled reversible Drum Type mixer/concrete Batch mix plant (Pan mixer) etc. complete. With fine aggregate (Crushed sand VSI Grade) 97.2 cmt
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