Construction Of Telemedicine Centre At Level 6, A Block At Aiims Rishikesh

Tendering Authority: All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Rishikesh

India, Uttarakhand, Rishikesh



Last Date For Submission

06 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

06 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 29 | Total Qty : 1235685.0999999999
# Item Quantity Units
1 Steel work in built up tubular (round, square or rectangular hollow tubes etc.) trusses etc., including cutting, hoisting, fixing in position and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer, including welding and bolted with special shaped washers etc. complete. Electric resistance or induction butt welded tubes 700.00 kg
2 Providing and applying white cement based putty of average thickness 1 mm, of approved brand and manufacturer, over the plastered wall surface to prepare the surface even and smooth complete 210.00 Sqm
3 Wall painting with acrylic emulsion paint, having VOC (Volatile Organic Compound ) content less than 50 grams/ litre, of approved brand and manufacture, including applying additional coats wherever required, to achieve even shade and colour. Two coats 210.00 Sqm
4 Providing and fixing aluminium work for doors, windows, ventilators and partitions with extruded built up standard tubular sections/appropriate Z sections and other sections of approved make conforming to IS: 733 and IS: 1285, fixing with dash fasteners of required dia and size, including necessary filling up the gaps at junctions, i.e. at top, bottom and sides with required EPDM rubber/neoprene gasket etc. Aluminium sections shall be smooth, rust free,straight, mitred and jointed mechanically wherever required including cleat angle, Aluminium snap beading for glazing / paneling, C.P. brass / stainless steel screws, all complete as per architectural drawings and the directions of Engineer-in-charge. (Glazing, paneling and dash fasteners to be paid for separately) : For shutters of doors, windows & ventilators including providing and fixing hinges/ pivots and making provision for fixing of fittings wherever required including the cost of EPDM rubber / neoprene gasket required (Fittings shall be paid for separately) Powder coated aluminium (minimum thickness of powder coating 50 micron 85.00 kg
5 Providing and fixing 12 mm thick prelaminated particle board flat pressed three layer or graded wood particle board conforming to IS: 12823 Grade l Type ll, in panelling fixed in aluminum doors, windows shutters and partition frames with C.P. brass / stainless steel screws etc. complete as per architectural drawings and directions of engineerin- charge Pre-laminated particle board with decorative lamination on both sides 10.00 sqm
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