Construction Of Synthetic Hockey Astro Turf Ground At Bsf Campus Jalandhar Sub Head Provision Of High Mast Lights And Motor Pump

Tendering Authority: BORDER SECURITY FORCE

India, Punjab, Jalandhar



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12 Oct, 2022

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12 Oct, 2022

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1 Sub Head 'A' :- Supplying, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of High Mast Light Supplying, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of single side 20 mtr height High Mast suitable for Hockey Playground for 24 Nos. 500W each LED Flood light fixtures having following specifications including suitable feeder pillar with required control and power switchgears: - (i) High Mast Structure (a) material construction :- BS EN 10025/IS 2062 (b) Thickness of material in top section-5 mm, bottom section-6 mm (c) cross section of Mast :-20 sided polygon (d)Base and Top dia- Base dia 540 mm: top dia-250 mm (e)Type of joints: stress slip fit joints (f) Length of overlap :1.5 times the dia of insertion (g) Metal protection treatment- Hot dip galvanised as per IS 4759/ IS 2629 (h) Thickness of Galvanisation : Average 85 Microns for bottom Sec & 65 Micron for Top Sec. (i) Size of door opening at base mast-1200 mm x 300 mm (j) Size of base plate- dia- 740mm, Thickness- 36mm. (k) Length of individual section : Top section 10.30 mtr, Bottom section : 10.30 mtr (l) Lightening protection finial : GI single spike of length 1200mm. (m) Type of locking on Door panel : Close fitting door with allen key locking with suitable reinforcement to avoid bukling at base of Mast. (ii) Dynamic loading as prevailing at site- (a) Maximum wind speed-(IS 875-1987) - 47 msec (b) Number of foundation stainless steel bolts -16 Nos. (c) PCD(Pitch circle diameter) of foundation bolts- 650 mm (d) Diameter of foundation bolts: M30 (e) Length of foundation bolts: 1200mm. (iii) Lantern carriage (a) Material of construction- 50 x 50 Sq pipe (b) Diameter of Lantern carriage Ring: 1050mm (ID) (c) Construction - 2 Channels (d) Number of joints : 2 segments. (e) Load carrying capacity : 24 Luminaire, Asymmetrical (iv) Winch (a) Number of Drums per Winch:-Double drum (b) Gear ratio- 50:1 (c) Capacity- SWL 750 Kgs (d) Method of operation:-Motor and manual (e) Lubrication arrangement :-self lubricating in permanent oil Bath (f) Type of lubricant : SAE-90/ 140. (v) Stainless steel wire rope (a) Grade- AISI 316 (b) Dia of SS Rope : 6 mm (c) Construction of SS Ropes : 7/19 (d) Number of SS ropes- 3 Nos. of 6 mm for lantern carriage, 2 nos of 6 mm for double drum winch. (e) Thimbles & terminals : Provided (f) Breaking load Capacity: 2350 Kgs per ss wire rope. (vi) Trailing cable (a) Type : flexible copper 5 core 4.0 sq mm (b) Material- EPR insulated PCP sheathed /PVC (c) Make- IS Approved brand (d) No. of circuits per Mast : 02 (vii) Power Tool (a) Model : Integral (b) Capacity-1.5 HP (c) Number of speeds: single speed (d) Reversible/Non reversible : Reversible (e) Input supply : 415 Volts AC (viii) Aviation Lights. 02 Nos. Make of HML :- Cat part: HM-20B-LM-ACC/HM-20B-FDB-ACC of Crompton make or equivalent specifications of make Philips/Transrail. 4.00 Each
2 Providing and fixing of 500 watt LED Integral Flood light comprising of Die cast aluminium control gear and LED Housing with toughened glass fixed with clamp and powder coated IP 66 suitable for stadium lights with suitable clamp nuts and bolts having :- i) Power consumption- 500 Watt ii) Voltage range- 120-270 and stand upto 320Volt for 24 Hrs. iii) Driver Surge Protection:- 5 KV iv) Housing size & material:- 720x420. Pressure Die Cast aluminium housing with toughened glass fixed with clamp only v) External Surge arrestor :- 10KV-440V vi) Driver potted anti-vibration:- Yes IP Protection vii) High Voltage Range :- Driver should work on 320 Vac for 48 Hrs & at 350 Vac for 2 Hrs continuously. viii) Driver protection:- Short Circuit, Open Circuit No- Load, EMI, Environmental ix) THD :- <10% x) Warranty & Genuiness certificate: - 3 Yrs warranty and genuineness certificate of manufacturer. xi) Lens:- special lens cover area and proper uniformity Make :- Model LFLPI-500-CDL/60-M(+/-5%) of Crompton make or equivalent specifications of make of Philips/Trilux 80.00 Each
3 Sub Head 'B' :- Earthing Earthing with G.I. earth plate 600 mm X 600 mm X 6 mm thick including accessories, and providing masonry enclosure with cover plate having locking arrangement and watering pipe of 2.7 metre long etc. with charcoal/ coke and salt as required. 10.00 Set
4 Providing and fixing 25 mm X 5 mm G.I. strip in 40 mm dia G.I. pipe from earth electrode including connection with G.I. nut, bolt, spring, washer excavation and re-filling etc. as required. 52.00 Meter
5 Providing and fixing 25 mm X 5 mm G.I. strip on surface or in recess for connections etc. as required. 10.00 Meter
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