Construction Of Road From Pwd Road To Salandi Foot Bridge Road From 0/00 Km. To 1/250 Km. Under Dmf In The District Of Keonjhar.

Tendering Authority: Department of Rural Development

India, Odisha, Keonjhar



Last Date For Submission

18 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

18 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 46 | Total Qty : 22336.519999999997
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling of existing structures like culverts, bridges, retaining walls and other sturcture comprising of masonry, cement concrete wood work, steel work, including T&P and scaffolding wherever necessary, sorting the dismantled material, disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking the serviceable materials with all lifts and lead of 1000m as per Technical Specification Clause 202 241.690 Cum
2 Loosening, Levelling and Compacting Original ground Scarified to a depth of 150mm thick. 402.600 Cum
3 Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting wild vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees of girth upto 300 mm, removal of stumps of such trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking of serviceable material to be used or auctioned, upto a lead of 1000 m including removal and disposal of top organic soil not exceeding 150 mm in thickness as per MoRD Specification for Rural roads Clause 201 by manual means as per the direction of the Engineer in charge. 2684.000 Sqm
4 Construction of embankment with approved material obtained from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, transporting to site by mechanical means within a lead of 5kms, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of table 300-2 & Clause 305 of MOSRT&H specifications for Road & Bridges work (4th Revision). 3022.270 Cum
5 Earthwork in excavation for foundation of structures in hard soil as per drawing and technical specification Clause 305 and 1104 of MoRD includding setting out, construction of shoring and bracing, removal of stumps and other deleterious material and disposal upto all lead & lift, dressing of sides and bottom and back filling with excavated suitable material upto 3mt. as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. 1360.640 Cum
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