Construction Of Residence Of Sub-collector At Patnagarh In The District Of Balangir.

Tendering Authority: GOVERNMENT OF ORISSA

India, Odisha, Patnagarh



Last Date For Submission

02 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

02 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 400 | Total Qty : 28994.059999999998
# Item Quantity Units
1 CIVIL PORTION OF WORK :- Earth work in excavation in foundation trenches, column foundation and pits in hard Soil within an initial lift of 1.5m including dressing the sides and levelling the bed & depositing the excavated materials away from the site within an initial lead of 50 M including cost of dewatering, cost of all labour, sundries, Tools & plants etc. complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. 424.52 Cum
2 Cutting in disintegrated rock not requiring blasting to be removed by pick axes and crow bars and depositing materials within 50m lead and 1.5m initial lift including rough dressing as per direction and specification of the department including stacking useful materials separately as ordered. 43.43 Cum
3 Supplying, filling in foundation and plinth with sand including watering and ramming, poking & compacting including cost, conveyance, royalties, taxes of the materials and cost of all labour, labour cess, T&P etc. required for the work complete as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge. 486.59 Cum
4 Providing and laying plain cement concrete of proportion (1:3:6) in foundation and floors using 2.5cm to 4 cm. size black hard crusher broken granite stone metal and screened and washed sharp sand for mortar of approved quality and from approved quarry including hoisting, lowering, laying concrete, ramming, watering and curing etc. complete to required levels laid in layers not exceeding 15 cm. thick in each layer including cost, conveyance, royalties, taxes of all materials and cost of all labour, labour cess, T&P, etc. required for the work including shoring, shuttering and dewatering if required including hire & running charges of all machineries required for the work etc complete as per the direction of the Engineer-in-charge. 89.45 Cum
5 Providing Fly Ash brick masonry work in F & P using (230mmx110mmx80mm ) size having crushing strength not less than 75Kg / Sqcm in cement mortar (1:6) for brick masonry walls after immersing the bricks for minimum 6 hours in water before use with all necessary projections, splays cutting, circular moulding, corbelling etc as per drawings including cost, conveyance, all taxes, royalties, loading and unloading of all materials and all labour for work including scaffolding, watering and curing, sundries, T&P etc. complete as per the direction of the Engineer-in-charge. 102.88 Cum
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