Construction Of Rcc Gf Of U.s. Qtr (2units/ 1 Bldg.) - Civil Works Etc. At Panchgram P.s. In Hailakandi District (shifted To Katakhal Op Compound)

Tendering Authority: Assam Police Housing Corporation Ltd

India, Assam, Hailakandi



Last Date For Submission

12 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

12 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 77 | Total Qty : 6007.99
# Item Quantity Units
1 Surface dressing of ground including removing vegitation and/ or undulation of ground not exceeding 150mm deep and disposal of rubbish outside the periphery and lift up to 1800mm in all kinds of soil. 178.0000 Sqm
2 Earth work in excavation for foundation trences of walls, retaining walls, footing of columns, steps, septic tanks etc. including refilling (return filling) the quantity as necessary after completion of work, breaking clods in return filling, dressing, watering and ramming etc. and removal of surplus earth with all lead and lifts as directed and specified in following classifications of soils including bailing out water where necessary as directed and specified. (A) Upto a depth of 2m below the existing ground level. (a) In ordinary soil. 145.9400 Cum
3 (B) Extra over item No. 1.1 (A) above for each 1 m depth or part thereof beyond the initial depth of 2 m. 25.0000 Cum
4 Plain cement concrete works with coarse aggregate of sizes 13mm to 32mm in foundation bed for footing, steps, walls, brick works etc. as directed and specified including dewatering if necessary and curing complete (Shuttering where necessary shall be measured and paid separately). (a) In prop. 1 cement: 3 sand: 6 coarse aggregate by volume. 25.0000 Cum
5 (b) In prop. 1 cement: 4 sand: 8 coarse aggregate by volume. 2.5000 Cum
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