Construction Of Major Bridge Nos.195 Psc Slab (3x6.1m), 196 Psc Slab (3x6.1m), 199 U Psc Girder (6x12.2m), 200 U Psc Girder (6x12.2m), 201 U Psc Girder (9x12.2m), 202 U Psc Girder (6x12.2m), 203 U Psc Girder (5x12.2m), 204 Box (2x6.368m + 1x6.59m), 205 U Psc Girder (6x12.2m) And 206 U Psc Girder (6x12.2m) In Between Nikursini To Jaleswar Including Foundation, Substructure, Superstructure And Other Miscellaneous Works In Connection With Proposed 3rd Line Between Narayangarh - Bhadrak Section Of S. E. Railway. Estimate No. 1792w/2019.

Tendering Authority: South Eastern Railway

India, Odisha, Bhadrak



Last Date For Submission

28 Oct, 2021

Closing Date

28 Oct, 2021

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