Construction Of Interlocking Work From Om Prakash Yadav House To Magan Bihari House Via Ramjas House In Gram Panchayat Nibuikala-huzoorpur (lot No.-03)

Tendering Authority: Director Cum Chief Engineer RED

India, Uttar Pradesh, Bahraich



Last Date For Submission

13 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

13 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 435.1
# Item Quantity Units
1 E/W in Exavation in foundation in ordinary soil As Per S.I. No. 251. 8.400 Cum
2 P/L cement concrete 1:6:12 (cement : fine sand : 40mm nominal gauge brick ballast ) i/c supply of all material , labour and T&P required for proper completion of work as per P.W.D. Shedule 273 42.700 Cum
3 Ist Class B/W 1:4 Cement, C/ Sand Mortar as per S.I.. No.305(b) 17.390 Cum
4 P.C.C. work in 1:2:4 in Cement C/sand & 20 mm guage stone grit as per S. I. No. 279. (b) 1.610 Cum
5 Providing and laying of interlocking concrete block pavements having thickness 80mm including fine sand as per 1500 MORD Spec. 364.000 Sqm
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