Construction Of Footbridge Over Jhora To Reach Residence Of Senior Citizen Smt Devi Maya Kattel Within Kalimpongi Developmnet Block Kalimpong


India, West Bengal, Kalimpong



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 11 | Total Qty : 102.94
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains in all sorts of soil (including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sand stone) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom, bailing out water as required complete. (a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1.500 mm. . 13.350 cum
2 Laying 150 mm. to 200 mm. boulder soling including rough dressing hand packing and ramming down small pieces in the interstics without rolling but including ramming. 17.160 sqm
3 Cost of stone boulder 150 mm size delivered ans stacked at site. 2.570 cum
4 (I) Cement concrete with graded stone ballast (40 mm size) excluding shuttering.In ground floor.(B) With N.B variety stone metal.(a) 1:3:6 proportion. 1.410 cum
5 Controlled Cement concrete with well graded stone chips (20 mm nominal size ) excluding shuttering and reinforcement with complete design of concrete as per ISI-456 and relevant special publications submission of job mix formula after preliminary mix design after testing of concrete cubes as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. Consumption of cement will not be less then 300kg of cement with Super plasticiser per cubic meter of controlled concrete but actual consumption will be determined on the basic of preliminary test & job mix formula In Ground floor & foundation.[using concrete mixture]M 20 Grade.(ii) N.B. Veriety (stone metal). 4.970 cum
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