Construction Of Drain At Backside Of Municipality Colony

Tendering Authority: Municipal Bodies

India, Odisha, GAJAPATI



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 10 | Total Qty : 538.84
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismentalling brick or stone masonry in lime or cement mortar under 3m hight including stacking the usefull materials for reuse and removing the debries away from work site. 34.43 Cum
2 Earth work in hard soil or gravelly soil within 50m. Initial lead and 1.5m. Initial lift including rough dressing and breaking clods to maximum 5cm.to 7cm. and laying in layers not exceeding 0.3 m. in depth asper direction of the Engineer-in-charge. 76.50 Cum
3 Disposal of excavated earth by truck within 5 Km. lead including loading and unloading to the lower area of the Town for filling of depression etc. complete. 110.93 Cum
4 Providing, supplying, filling in foundation and plinth with sand including watering and ramming etc. complete. 17.00 Cum
5 Cement Concert 1:4:8 using 40mm size CBHG metal in foundation concert including watering curing with cost of all material, labour, T&P, etc. complete. 17.00 Cum
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